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Our simple calf hygiene routine

Date: 12/02/19

View our latest film here to take care of your calf hygiene by following our simple calf hygiene routine. Read More

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Equine Influenza Halts Horse Racing

Date: 08/02/19

Together, Kilco products can deliver a joined-up biosecurity programme, with experts on hand to design a complete system for your stables that is as safe as possible, yet simple and straightforward for your staff to use. Read More

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The Woolly World of Lambs

Date: 28/01/19

Kilco supports lambing with a range of nutritional supplements. Read More

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Happy as a Pig in Mud

Date: 21/01/19

In reality, pigs are remarkably clean animals. Their ‘dirty’ reputation comes from their love of wallowing in the mud, but this is nothing to do with cleanliness. Read More

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The Cream of Dairy Hygiene

Date: 14/01/19

Kilco expertise is here to support you however you farm, whatever the size of your herd, whatever milking machines you use, whatever challenges you face. We’ll work closely with you right across the dairy farming process. Read More

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