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Virus Resistant Pigs

Date: 26/07/19

Unlike bacterial infections, viruses are notoriously hard to protect against and difficult to treat. Even with the very highest standards of pig hygiene, PRRS, and other viruses, such as Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV) can still be... Read More

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Anti-microbial Resistance

Date: 12/07/19

Anti-microbial resistance is a global problem that risks the health of both people and animals, making treatments more complicated and expensive, and risking lives. Read More

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Healthy Livestock For A Healthy Planet

Date: 24/06/19

As any farmer knows, sickness and disease amongst their animals can be very costly, cutting productivity and profits and putting their very livelihood at stake. Read More

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The Floating Milk Farm

Date: 10/06/19

The floating farm is fully automated, with robotic milking machines that allow cows to be milked when they want. Read More

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Can we eliminate food scares?

Date: 07/06/19

Food alerts are on the rise, with almost daily episodes of product recalls in many countries, which do not prevent sometimes dramatic consequences. Yet nothing is inevitable. But there is one condition: we must reinvent ourselves and adopt... Read More

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