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African Swine Fever

Date: 25/09/19

If you have ever wondered why bio security is so essential on our farms, you only have to look at the rapid rise of African Swine Fever. Read More

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Staff welfare areas and their contamination risk

Date: 16/09/19

Areas such as sheds, milking units and other animal housing each have their own strict bio security regime in order to help to keep them disease free and prevent cross contamination between units should an outbreak occur. Read More

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Healthy Livestock means Healthy Profits

Date: 28/08/19

As farmers, we naturally all want the best possible care for the animals we stock, but we also need to make a living, keeping costs and overheads as low as possible. Read More

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Managing Heat Stress With Poultry

Date: 12/08/19

With Britain experiencing record temperature levels this year, and extreme weather events becoming commonplace, monitoring livestock health, particularly poultry health, is more important and more challenging than ever before. Read More

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Virus Resistant Pigs

Date: 26/07/19

Unlike bacterial infections, viruses are notoriously hard to protect against and difficult to treat. Even with the very highest standards of pig hygiene, PRRS, and other viruses, such as Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV) can still be... Read More

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