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African Swine Fever is spreading - Find out how Kersia can help you protect your animals

Date: 13/02/20

With all the headlines focused on coronavirus, it’s easy to miss the spread of another major disease across Europe. African Swine Fever (ASF) has become a major concern for a number of European countries. Read More

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Livestock Foot Bathing Solutions without Formaldehyde

Date: 27/01/20

It has been a year since Kersia first formally stopped the use of formaldehyde in livestock foot bathing solutions, making our industry a safer place for all concerned. Read More

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Get Ready for Lambing

Date: 13/01/20

For many farmers, the lambing season is already well underway and if your lambing season hasn’t started by now, it can only be a matter of days away. Read More

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Teat Dips - An essential step in the milking process

Date: 27/11/19

Post-milking teat dipping is a vital step in your biosecurity program and for dairy hygiene products. Read More

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Winter Deep Clean

Date: 28/10/19

It is essential to take pro-active precautions to ensure that they remain healthy during the next few months and to minimise the impact of infection and disease. Read More

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