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Teat Dips - An essential step in the milking process

Date: 27/11/19

Post-milking teat dipping is a vital step in your biosecurity program and for dairy hygiene products. Read More

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Winter Deep Clean

Date: 28/10/19

It is essential to take pro-active precautions to ensure that they remain healthy during the next few months and to minimise the impact of infection and disease. Read More

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Calf Health and Hygiene

Date: 14/10/19

It is estimated that as many as half of all calf deaths are caused by scours resulting from poor hygiene, and mortality rates from mixed infections of Cryptosporidium with rotavirus or coronavirus can be as high as 30%. Read More

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African Swine Fever

Date: 25/09/19

If you have ever wondered why bio security is so essential on our farms, you only have to look at the rapid rise of African Swine Fever. Read More

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Staff welfare areas and their contamination risk

Date: 16/09/19

Areas such as sheds, milking units and other animal housing each have their own strict bio security regime in order to help to keep them disease free and prevent cross contamination between units should an outbreak occur. Read More

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