All about Breeding Poultry

Date: 09/04/18

All about Breeding Poultry

Breeding poultry can be a complicated business. Keeping your poultry healthy and happy can impact the success of your flock, we’ve outlined below the key considerations in poultry and chicken health.

It’s important to ensure you follow a strict regime from eggs until they reach maturity. You cannot mix young growers with adult chickens at first, due to the risk of disease. Smaller birds are also likely to experience some abuse from larger chickens, and you may find yourself spending more money on vet bills because of injuries, rather than anything else. 

Growing your birds to a high standard is a vital and sometimes challenging stage of producing good quality poultry meat for consumers. One of the most challenging parts of this is ensuring biosecurity and hygiene standards both throughout the cycle, limiting any risk of disease from entering the site or passing from house to house. Kilco supplies a comprehensive range of detergents, DEFRA approved disinfectants to maintain a positive level of biosecurity for your poultry.

Nutrition is also key for poultry health. Consider Kilco’s Spectrum complementary feed to boost the levels of vitamins in birds. A good diet is necessary for effective poultry breeding from new chicks to mature adults. For a boost in energy when you notice birds that seem lacklustre, Aminosol, a vitamin and mineral solution, can give them a lift. Kilco also supplies a variety of other poultry nutritional supplements to ensure your flock can be cared for effectively. 


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