All you Need to Know About Aquaculture

Date: 14/05/18

All you Need to Know About Aquaculture

Kilco don’t just specialise in farm livestock health. We are also experts in biosecurity in the aquaculture food sector. Aquaculture, or fish farming as it is commonly known, provides around half of all the fish and seafood eaten in the world. In Europe, we eat an average of 23kg of seafood per person per year, and around a quarter of this comes from aquaculture.

Of course, aquaculture is nothing new; Pliny the Elder described local techniques for farming fish and oysters as far back as the first century. Since then, aquaculture techniques have become more and more sophisticated, and today European aquaculture produces around 1.25million tonnes (live weight) of seafood per year.

Spain is the EU’s biggest producer of aquaculture by volume, producing over 250,000 tonnes per year, ahead of the UK in second place with around 200,000 tonnes. However, due to differences in the species farmed, the UK is far and away the largest producer by value, with an annual output worth over €750m, compared to Spain’s €450m. To maintain this level of production, aquaculture biosecurity is so important to reduce the risk of disease.

The EU aquaculture industry employs over 85,000 people, mostly in small businesses, and it is these independent fish farmers who most need the expertise and innovation of Kilco to keep their stocks safe and their output competitive. With strict regulation covering every step in the aquaculture process, from egg to plate, the industry relies on Kilco science to help them meet the highest marine health and hygiene standards. Kilco has a complete range of aquaculture biosecurity products including aquaculture detergents, such as Ecofoam Advanced, to clean and disinfect equipment, and industry leading disinfectants, such as Viroshield, to reduce disease within the fish farms.

Globally, aquaculture is growing around 7% per year, while in the EU the industry grew 8% between 2014 and 2015. Kilco are proud to play our part in this growth by supporting a safe, sustainable aquaculture industry in the UK, across Europe and around the world, feeding millions and protecting our natural resources for future generations to enjoy.


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