Animal Health on a Farm

Date: 19/03/18

Animal Health on a Farm

Kilco International can help keep your animals healthy with our range of versatile animal health and farm cleanliness products that give you great results. 

When it comes to animal health on a farm, animal nutritional supplements are a must. At Kilco, we supply a range of nutritional supplements for calves and lambs (amongst other animals). Sometimes young stock don’t get the nutrients they need from their mothers. The Colostrum supplements we provide, supplies the vital primary nutritional support young cattle and sheep need if maternal colostrum is lacking. We also supply, Lamb Boost Liquid and Rotaboost, which are used when lambs and calves seem like they may be severely lacking in energy, helping to give their developing immune system a boost. There’s also Covisel (no Copper), a dietetic feed for sheep and cattle at all stages of their development, including several vitamins, cobalt, and selenium drench. 

Hoof care and maintenance is vital for your sheep, cattle, and pigs on your farm. Damaged hooves can cause all kinds of medical problems for your livestock, which can cause high vet bills, and a lot of health issues when left untreated. There are several hoof care products in Kilco’s range such as Super Hoof Plus, a liquid concentrate which can be added to footbaths for the maintenance of healthy hooves.

Keeping your farm clean at all times is essential for animal health. We provide a range of disinfectants such as Virophor 2.8% for surfaces and water systems and hygienic animal bedding products such as Envirex. For fly control, there’s the Permost Uni Fly Spray, which can be used either through hand sprayer, a fan assisted rotary atomiser or fogging machine. Keeping flies away from your animals will help stop the pests from spreading diseases.

Kilco’s products range from various nutritional supplements for farm animals, to farm cleaning products, which all help in maintaining the good health of animals on your farm


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