Animal Health Products: A Quick Guide

Date: 14/02/18

Animal Health Products: A Quick Guide

Kilco offer a wide range of animal health products to ensure that your livestock get the best start in life, grow correctly, and can continue a productive life on your farm. The products are manufactured to provide additional support to the farmer in keeping their animals healthy. 

Cattle and Sheep

For cattle and sheep, there are a range of products available for rearing and hoof care. Rearing products, like Colostrum, provide a high-energy element to the usual feed that cattle or sheep consume. This can help provide nutritional support when maternal colostrum is lacking. For hoof care, there are several products which can be used during bathing to assist in hoof protection and promote healing. There are also nutritional supplements, which come both with and without copper, depending on your livestock’s needs. 


The nutrition of poultry is important at all points in their lives, from hatching to breeding. Between these times, and when a chick is growing, poultry can become easily stressed, which can lead to all sorts of health problems. All of the supplements available at Kilco can be used to balance the vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals of the poultry to reduce the effects that stress can have on the bird. 


The most important element of pig health is cleanliness. Kilco promote several products for the cleaning and disinfection of pig environments, and the cleaning of the pigs themselves. Pig housing and environments can get particularly messy, so a powerful disinfectant, like Viroshield, for example, which is effective against even organic matter is exactly what you need. 

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