Aquaculture Products Explained

Date: 26/02/18

Aquaculture Products Explained

Kilco’s Aquaculture products help protect one of the fasting growing food sectors. Biosecurity is vital with the higher risk of disease that comes into play in the aquaculture industry. The right products are needed to decrease the risk of disease and properly clean equipment. The environment for fish and shrimps needs to be looked after to reduce diseased organisms that can thrive in the similar conditions to the aquatic creatures. 

Ecofoam Advanced 

Ecofoam is a high-performance foam detergent, which is effective for fat/protein removal. It’s effective in all water hardness situations, and is recommended for use with a pressure washer or foam generating equipment. 


HPPA is a 5% peracetic acid disinfectant, perfect for water systems and equipment used in aquaculture properties. HPPA is a rapid kill solution, which can be used in livestock buildings and for water treatment. 


Virex is an effective disinfectant for use on surfaces, equipment, and in water systems. It can be used to rid the area of potential diseases, including foot and mouth. It’s non-corrosive, and completely safe to the user. 

Virophor 2.8% 

Virophor is a stabilised disinfectant for surfaces and water systems. It’s economical to use, due to its low-staining formulation, and should be applied in use with a pressure washer/foam lance. Virophor can be used to disinfect to limit the risk of tuberculosis and diseases like salmonella. 


Viroshield is a heavy-duty disinfectant that is effective even in the presence of organic matter. It has approval for a wide spectrum of diseases, including those caused by swine or poultry. 

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