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Going to Work on an Egg

Date: 13/12/18

Kilco offers you much more than just products; our expert teams will work with you to create a comprehensive biosecurity plan for your farm that protects your people, your hens and your eggs. Read More

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What a difference an A makes

Date: 06/12/18

It may only be one small letter, but changing formalin to Farmalin could make a big difference to the health of your workforce! Read More

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Kilco and Kersia Keeping your Water Clean

Date: 05/12/18

Water is essential for life for both people and animals, and Kilco and Kersia are working hard to deliver clean, safe supplies for them all. Read More

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The Importance of Hygiene and Nutrition During Calving Season

Date: 03/12/18

Whether you calve all year round, or stick to traditional seasons, you know your calves can count on us to give them the very best start in life. Read More

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