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Lamb Health & Hygiene

Date: 01/12/17

A successful lambing season aims to produce a healthy lamb which is capable of optimum performance throughout it's life. Kilco's health and hygiene programme can help. Read More

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Successful Piglet rearing

Date: 30/11/17

Here at Kilco, we support farms with support and advice, any training and guidance needed on all necessary biosecurity control measures Read More

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Equine Biosecurity

Date: 30/10/17

Find out how Kilco's cleaning and disinfection programmes can be applied to an equine environment to reduce the risk of infection and spread of disease. Read More

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Feeding Time for Calves - How to Secure Youngstock Health

Date: 29/10/17

For beef or dairy farmers, looking after the health of calves is a vital process as part of the overall policy of the farm Read More

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Kilco - Supporting Farmers from Start to Finish

Date: 28/09/17

Our ethos is to develop ties with farmers to ensure that animal health is always increased through a combination of improving physical well-being, the increase of hygiene standards and biosecurity Read More

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The Importance of Fly Control

Date: 25/09/17

Within the horticulture industry it is vital that a pest and disease free environment is designed and secured at all times Read More

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Calf Health & Hygiene

Date: 21/09/17

Kilco's hygiene programme can help improve calf health Read More

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Kilco - the safer solution

Date: 16/08/17

There has been significant media coverage recently concerning a contamination problem with eggs from continental Europe, especially The Netherlands, Belgium and the Lower Saxony area of Germany. Read More

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Meeting the Strict Pest Free Needs of the Horticulture Sector

Date: 08/08/17

Kilco offers a wide range of products for cleaning and disinfection that is ideal to meet the strict pest free needs of the horticulture industry Read More

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Creating the Perfect Environment for Lambing

Date: 01/08/17

At Kilco we have developed products to assist you during lambing season Read More

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How Beef Farmers can Maximise Return from Their Herd

Date: 24/07/17

Putting a plan in place to maximise the return from your herd is a vital component of any beef farm. Read More

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Importance of Biosecurity for Pig Production

Date: 18/07/17

Kilco works closely with the farming industry, developing an innovative range of products that combine cutting edge scientific technology with the practicality of everyday farming. Read More

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Kilco supports hatchery with ‘fortress-like’ approach to hygiene

Date: 05/07/17

Kilco supports hatchery with ‘fortress-like’ approach to hygiene, read about how Annyalla Chicks maintain good hygiene using procedures and testing. Read More

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Effective Cleanliness for Aquaculture

Date: 16/06/17

Kilco understands how vital biosecurity is within aquaculture and we have developed a range of heavy-duty detergents to help maximise productivity. Read More

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Transportation Cleanliness on Your Poultry Farm

Date: 08/06/17

When transporting poultry you should carefully load them into cages or crates that have been fully cleaned immediately prior to transportation. Read More

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Dual Kilco strategy resolves mastitis problem in high yielding herd

Date: 30/05/17

Find out how you can reduce mastitis in your dairy herd with Kilco. Read More

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Importance of Hoof Care in Dairy Production

Date: 15/05/17

Kilco has a range of hoof care products, helping you to maintain a healthy hoof care regime for your herd. Read More

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Cleaning & Disinfectant for the Hatching Industry

Date: 11/05/17

Having the right type of cleaning regime and disinfectants in place can make the difference between a healthy chick and one that doesn’t survive. Read More

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PhD Opportunity

Date: 08/05/17

3 year PhD position available from May 2017. Read More

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Looking After Piglets - The Benefits of a Healthy Nursery

Date: 28/04/17

Kilco has the experience to support farms with advice, guidance and training both pre-nursery and during the management of a nursery Read More

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The Importance of Improving Dairy Hygiene

Date: 24/04/17

Looking after the health of the animals is imperative and a long-term process and matter of cultural development on each farm. Read More

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The Russians are coming!

Date: 10/04/17

Kilco may have grown into a global brand, but we’re still proudly Scottish at heart. And when it comes to entertaining overseas customers, we know how to show our history and heritage at its very best. Read More

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Kilco flies the flag at Viv Asia, Bangkok

Date: 14/03/17

Lockerbie based animal feed and biosecurity experts, Kilco, will be flying the export flag for Britain at the Viv Asia exhibition in Bangkok Read More

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Kilco – a new website built just for you

Date: 09/03/17

At Kilco, we’ve always put farmers first in everything we do, from creating cutting edge products to make your business safer and more productive, to supporting you on-site with 60years worth of experience and expertise. Read More

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Increased Biosecurity Protocol - How We Can Help

Date: 16/02/17

It is a good idea to revisit your biosecurity procedures and ensure you are maintaining a high level of control. Read More

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Want Chlorine Free Cleaning for your Milking Parlour?

Date: 09/01/17

All dairy farmers know that they have a responsibility to minimise or eliminate residues in milk during the production process. A key area of interest for Irish farmers is chlorate residue which can be left by using chlorinated cleaning products to... Read More

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