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Going to Work on an Egg

Date: 13/12/18

Kilco offers you much more than just products; our expert teams will work with you to create a comprehensive biosecurity plan for your farm that protects your people, your hens and your eggs. Read More

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What a difference an A makes

Date: 06/12/18

It may only be one small letter, but changing formalin to Farmalin could make a big difference to the health of your workforce! Read More

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Kilco and Kersia Keeping your Water Clean

Date: 05/12/18

Water is essential for life for both people and animals, and Kilco and Kersia are working hard to deliver clean, safe supplies for them all. Read More

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The Importance of Hygiene and Nutrition During Calving Season

Date: 03/12/18

Whether you calve all year round, or stick to traditional seasons, you know your calves can count on us to give them the very best start in life. Read More

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Kersia – The World’s Only Pure Player in Food Safety

Date: 28/11/18

Kersia is positioning itself to become the global leader in food safety, driving innovation worldwide to deliver solutions across the value chain from farm to fork. Find out how we’re inventing a responsible, food safe world today that protects... Read More

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What next for Britain’s farmers?

Date: 26/11/18

The outlook has rarely been tougher for Britain’s farming industry, as it faces a number of significant challenges from all sides, including climate change, political changes, new biological challenges and an ever-increasing level of regulation as... Read More

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EuroTier 2018 – a great success!

Date: 22/11/18

EuroTier 2018 – a great success! Read More

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An Unpredictable Harvest

Date: 19/11/18

With all ten of the hottest years on record occurring in the last twenty years, climate change and extreme weather events are here to stay, and the industry needs all the help it can get. Read More

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Kilco Ends Formaldehyde Production for Hoof Hygiene Applications

Date: 14/11/18

Kilco & Kersia are once again leading the worldwide food safety industry by stopping formaldehyde supply from 1st January 2019 for hoof hygiene applications Read More

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Winter Planning for Poultry

Date: 19/10/18

With just a few, simple to apply changes to your poultry care routine, and a little help from Kilco along the way, your flock can continue to thrive through the winter and emerge strong and healthy Read More

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Autumn and Winter Housing for Cattle

Date: 12/10/18

Don’t let a challenging summer roll over into a challenging winter too. With a market leading products and professional advice from Kilco, you can properly prepare for the season ahead. Read More

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Aquaculture: Protecting Natural Fish Stocks

Date: 17/09/18

With aquaculture now contributing more to our food supplies than traditional fishing, Kersia and Kilco are working together to make farming in the sea as safe and sustainable as farming on the land. Read More

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Food prices on the rise

Date: 12/09/18

According to the British Retail Consortium, this drove food price inflation up from 1.2% in May to 1.6% in July, with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board predicting prices will remain higher right the way through until next spring Read More

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The Benefits of Cyclex

Date: 10/09/18

Cyclex disinfectant is one of Kilco’s best selling products because it is so effective and so versatile. Easy to mix, with strong microbial properties, it can be used to protect a wide range of animals, from pigs to poultry, cattle to sheep. Read More

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Pigs are Cleaner than you Think

Date: 28/08/18

Pigs are naturally very clean animals, and with a little help from Kilco, you can make them even cleaner, from farrow to finish. Read More

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The End of an Unusual Summer

Date: 14/08/18

Kilco are here to support Britain’s farmers and food producers to get the most out of their harvests and minimise avoidable waste. From general purpose cleaning and disinfecting products, such as Ecofoam, Virex and Viroshield Read More

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Cattle Crush Biosecurity Protocol

Date: 09/08/18

Find out how cattle foot trimmers can reduce disease spread with our daily and weekly biosecurity routine Read More

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Caring for Sheep – Hoof Care

Date: 09/07/18

In this sheep health care article, we’ll take a look at how Kilco can help keep your flock on its feet, with regular preventative foot bath products, and specialist products to treat outbreaks of hoof diseases. Read More

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Managing Heat Stress in Poultry

Date: 04/07/18

Find out how nutritional supplements can assist you in managing heat stress in poultry. Read More

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Keeping Chicken Feed Clean

Date: 02/07/18

From feed mill to farm, from daily cleaning to long term hygiene strategies, Kilco have led the way in keeping the poultry industry safe. And now we’ve joined forces with Kersia, a global leader in biosecurity and food safety, we’ll be able to... Read More

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Kersia announces the acquisition of Kilco

Date: 27/06/18

Kersia - the new name for Hypred, Anti-Germ, Medentech, LCB Food Safety and G3, the global leader in food safety, announces the acquisition of Kilco Read More

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Kilco - Trade Supplier of The Year 2018

Date: 26/06/18

Kilco are honoured to have been awarded Trade Supplier of the Year at the National Egg and Poultry Awards 2018. Read More

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Kilco at VIV Europe 2018 – The World Expo from Feed to Food

Date: 25/06/18

As one of the world’s most trusted producers of farm support products and solutions, Kilco were proud to take part in one of the world’s leading farming industry exhibitions, VIV Europe 2018. Held every four years, VIV Europe is described as the... Read More

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Caring for Sheep – looking after their environment indoors and out

Date: 10/06/18

This month, we’ll take a look at how Kilco science can support sheep health in the environment, with a wide range of detergents and disinfectants to help you maintain your equipment and sheep housing to the very highest standards. Read More

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Caring for Sheep – Whole-life Sheep Nutritional Support from Kilco

Date: 21/05/18

Now that the intense work of the lambing season is over, sheep farmers can finally take a break from the round the clock vigilance and all-weather exertion Read More

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From Animal to Atmosphere: Towards Precision Biosecurity and Animal Health

Date: 18/05/18

From Animal to Atmosphere: Towards Precision Biosecurity and Animal Health Read More

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All you Need to Know About Aquaculture

Date: 14/05/18

Aquaculture, or fish farming as it is commonly known, provides around half of all the fish and seafood eaten in the world. Read More

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Protect Your Income When Flies Appear

Date: 27/04/18

Find out how a total fly control plan can help maintain TBC counts over the warmer summer months. Read More

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Improving Bactoscan Results With Kilco

Date: 18/04/18

Find out how Kilco helped one dairy farmer increase his milk price by improving his bulk tank and milk cleaning routines. Read More

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Farming Top Tips

Date: 16/04/18

Farming is a busy, hands-on industry to be in, but we’ve gathered up some of our top farming tips for you to help you optimise your farm. Read More

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All about Breeding Poultry

Date: 09/04/18

Breeding poultry can be a complicated business. Keeping your poultry healthy and happy can impact the success of your flock, we’ve outlined below the key considerations in poultry and chicken health. Read More

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Animal Health on a Farm

Date: 19/03/18

Kilco International can help keep your animals healthy with our range of versatile animal health and farm cleanliness products that give you great results Read More

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Caring for Your Cattle

Date: 12/03/18

Caring for your cattle is easy with Kilco International. Kilco offer a range of vital products to ensure that your cattle, alongside cleaning and disinfectant products to keep your farm clean and compliant Read More

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Aquaculture Products Explained

Date: 26/02/18

Kilco’s Aquaculture products help protect one of the fasting growing food sectors. Biosecurity is vital with the higher risk of disease that comes into play in the aquaculture industry. Read More

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Animal Health Products: A Quick Guide

Date: 14/02/18

Kilco offer a wide range of animal health products to ensure that your livestock get the best start in life, grow correctly, and can continue a productive life on your farm. Read More

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Chlorine Free Cleaning - A Teagasc Study

Date: 12/02/18

A study has been undertaken at Teagasc Moorepark to establish the effectiveness of a Kilco chlorine free wash routine. Read More

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Transport Programmes for Poultry

Date: 09/01/18

There are several ways to safely transport poultry. At Kilco, there is a range of company-designed products and programmes for all specific vehicles. Read More

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