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Teat Dips - An essential step in the milking process

Date: 27/11/19

Post-milking teat dipping is a vital step in your biosecurity program and for dairy hygiene products. Read More

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Winter Deep Clean

Date: 28/10/19

It is essential to take pro-active precautions to ensure that they remain healthy during the next few months and to minimise the impact of infection and disease. Read More

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Calf Health and Hygiene

Date: 14/10/19

It is estimated that as many as half of all calf deaths are caused by scours resulting from poor hygiene, and mortality rates from mixed infections of Cryptosporidium with rotavirus or coronavirus can be as high as 30%. Read More

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African Swine Fever

Date: 25/09/19

If you have ever wondered why bio security is so essential on our farms, you only have to look at the rapid rise of African Swine Fever. Read More

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Staff welfare areas and their contamination risk

Date: 16/09/19

Areas such as sheds, milking units and other animal housing each have their own strict bio security regime in order to help to keep them disease free and prevent cross contamination between units should an outbreak occur. Read More

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Healthy Livestock means Healthy Profits

Date: 28/08/19

As farmers, we naturally all want the best possible care for the animals we stock, but we also need to make a living, keeping costs and overheads as low as possible. Read More

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Managing Heat Stress With Poultry

Date: 12/08/19

With Britain experiencing record temperature levels this year, and extreme weather events becoming commonplace, monitoring livestock health, particularly poultry health, is more important and more challenging than ever before. Read More

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Virus Resistant Pigs

Date: 26/07/19

Unlike bacterial infections, viruses are notoriously hard to protect against and difficult to treat. Even with the very highest standards of pig hygiene, PRRS, and other viruses, such as Transmissible Gastroenteritis Virus (TGEV) can still be... Read More

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Anti-microbial Resistance

Date: 12/07/19

Anti-microbial resistance is a global problem that risks the health of both people and animals, making treatments more complicated and expensive, and risking lives. Read More

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Healthy Livestock For A Healthy Planet

Date: 24/06/19

As any farmer knows, sickness and disease amongst their animals can be very costly, cutting productivity and profits and putting their very livelihood at stake. Read More

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The Floating Milk Farm

Date: 10/06/19

The floating farm is fully automated, with robotic milking machines that allow cows to be milked when they want. Read More

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Can we eliminate food scares?

Date: 07/06/19

Food alerts are on the rise, with almost daily episodes of product recalls in many countries, which do not prevent sometimes dramatic consequences. Yet nothing is inevitable. But there is one condition: we must reinvent ourselves and adopt... Read More

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Are you prepared for another hot summer?

Date: 16/05/19

At Kilco, now in partnership with Kersia, we’re constantly developing and refining our products to meet the challenges of a changing world, including the impacts of climate change. Read More

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Brushing up on Cattle Care

Date: 16/05/19

It is clear that there is more to cattle care than just providing food, shelter and animal health products. If we provide them with a good life too, they will reward us with improved health and increased productivity. Read More

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Inventing a food safe world

Date: 29/04/19

The Functional Chemical Research Centre has always worked collaboratively with the best in our industry, and now that Kilco has joined the Kersia Group, that collaboration will be wider than ever. Read More

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Spring Cleaning

Date: 15/04/19

Most farms will have an ongoing, regular cleaning and disinfecting regime in place for their farm spring clean, with daily and weekly routines. Read More

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Pig Breeding

Date: 25/03/19

Pig breeding can take place all year round – and Kilco is there to support Britain and Ireland’s pig farmers every step of the way. Read More

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Nutritional supplements for farm animals

Date: 11/03/19

We play a crucial role in ensuring your animals receive the very best nutrition, with a wide range of nutritional solutions from specialist products for those vital few hours after birth and beyond. Read More

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Introducing the Chlorine Free effective wash system by Kersia

Date: 28/02/19

Introducing the Chlorine Free effective wash system by Kersia Read More

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More Than Just a Drop in the Ocean

Date: 25/02/19

Kilco are proud to play our part in that global goal with our ongoing support of the aquaculture industry. Read More

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Calving Season in Full Swing

Date: 18/02/19

Kilco are on hand to help Britain and Ireland’s dairy farmers to give their new generation the best possible start in life from the very beginning. Read More

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Our simple calf hygiene routine

Date: 12/02/19

View our latest film here to take care of your calf hygiene by following our simple calf hygiene routine. Read More

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Get Set for Lambing Season

Date: 11/02/19

Now part of the Kersia Group, Kilco is here to support livestock farmers in Britain and the Republic of Ireland every step of the way, from looking after pregnant ewes, through delivery and those vital first few hours, to giving young lambs the very... Read More

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Equine Influenza Halts Horse Racing

Date: 08/02/19

Together, Kilco products can deliver a joined-up biosecurity programme, with experts on hand to design a complete system for your stables that is as safe as possible, yet simple and straightforward for your staff to use. Read More

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The Woolly World of Lambs

Date: 28/01/19

Kilco supports lambing with a range of nutritional supplements. Read More

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Happy as a Pig in Mud

Date: 21/01/19

In reality, pigs are remarkably clean animals. Their ‘dirty’ reputation comes from their love of wallowing in the mud, but this is nothing to do with cleanliness. Read More

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The Cream of Dairy Hygiene

Date: 14/01/19

Kilco expertise is here to support you however you farm, whatever the size of your herd, whatever milking machines you use, whatever challenges you face. We’ll work closely with you right across the dairy farming process. Read More

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Joining the Dots on Livestock Hygiene

Date: 07/01/19

If you think your farm would benefit from a Kilco biosecurity audit, then talk to the team today. With one simple visit, we could change the way you handle biosecurity for the better, saving time, decreasing disease and increasing yield year after... Read More

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