Calving Season in Full Swing

Date: 18/02/19

Calving Season in Full Swing

With fields full of fluffy white youngsters, it’s no surprise that many people associate spring with lambing season. However, spring can be just as important for calves as it is for lambs, and Kilco are on hand to help Britain and Ireland’s dairy farmers to give their new generation the best possible start in life from the very beginning.


Perhaps the most important part of the calving season is preparation. It is essential that the calving sheds are kept hygienically cleaned to prevent disease. A combination of Ecofoam Advanced detergent, and Cyclex disinfectant is an efficient and effective way to ensure that your pens are protected, so your new born calves can enter a safe environment when they arrive.
We’re also here to support your herd as the big day looms with a nutritional boost to get expectant cows ready for the coming birth. Bovigain Mineral Drench from Kilco can be given around three months before calving to boost levels of trace elements and vitamins and ensure optimum health for both mother and calf.


Birthing of calves can be a long and arduous process for all concerned, but our popular lubricant gel can be a huge help. The no drying formula is suitable for all kinds of procedures and can make a big difference during difficult births.

The first few hours

Like new born lambs, calves need to feed very soon after birth and should consume around a tenth of their bodyweight from their mother in the first few hours. This feed is not milk, but is known as colostrum, and it is packed with essential nutritional support. If the mother is unable to feed their calf at this crucial stage, Kilco are ready to step in and help with First Milk Calf Colostrum. This precisely formulated, high energy feed includes a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as trace elements, which are required by the calf in their first few hours.

Whether the calf has had natural or artificial colostrum, they will benefit from the extra help of Rotaboost. This complimentary feed paste contains extra vitamins and chelated trace elements, as well as probiotics designed to boost their immune system during those first few vulnerable days. Rotaboost comes in a handy syringe dispenser and should be given to all new calves within 12 hours of birth. 

The first few months

Even with the best biosecurity in place, young calves will still be prone to digestive disturbances resulting in diarrhoea. If this occurs, it is essential to replace lost fluids and electrolytes as quickly as possible before the animal becomes severely dehydrated. Electrosolve from Kilco encourages the absorption of electrolytes while providing easily absorbed carbohydrates. The powder also contains pre-biotics to help replenish the gut flora following infections, helping the calf to recover as quickly as possible and regain its natural strength and resilience. 

Now part of the Kersia Group, Kilco is committed to inventing a food safe world, by supporting our farmers with the science you need to help nature do her work as effectively as possible. This is never more important than during the lambing and calving seasons, and as the new members of your herd or flock struggle to their feet for the first time, you can rest assured that Kilco will be behind them every step of the way. 

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