Caring for Sheep – looking after their environment indoors and out

Date: 10/06/18

Caring for Sheep – looking after their environment indoors and out


Last month we looked at how Kilco can support you and your flock throughout the lifecycle of each sheep. Our nutritional products like Kilco Lamb Boost Liquid and Kilco Lamb Colostrum are available to support lambs from birth, while Kilco Ovithrift and Kilco Covisel offer nutritional supplements for older sheep.

This month, we’ll take a look at how Kilco science can support sheep health in the environment, with a wide range of detergents and disinfectants to help you maintain your equipment and sheep housing to the very highest standards.

The DEFRA welfare code of recommendations for sheep outlines your responsibilities to your flock, both indoors and out. This states that a ‘written health and welfare programme for all animals should be prepared for each flock. This should cover the yearly production cycle and should be developed with appropriate veterinary and technical advice’. And when it comes to technical advice, you couldn’t be in better hands, because Kilco have sixty years of expertise and experience in livestock care products behind us. Together, we can help you create a safe environment for your flock that promotes sheep health and hygiene.

The DEFRA code states that all equipment must be cleaned regularly, and Kilco have a range of specially formulated detergents and disinfectants that are effective both on surfaces and in water systems. These include Ecofoam Advance, which is a high performance, long cling foam detergent, and Virex, which is a peroxygen-based disinfectant.

For most of the year, your sheep will be outside in the natural environment, and the main concern is the provision of clean, safe drinking water. Virochlor 500 is an effervescent chlorine tablet for water disinfection and sanitization that is effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores. Fast, effective and biodegradable, this is a practical and portable solution that is ideal for remote water sources.

As DEFRA explains, pasture management is an integral part of disease control, especially in the case of internal parasites, and sheep need to be protected against Coccidiosis and Cryptosporidiosis within their environment. Once again, Kilco is at the forefront of the battle, with Cyclex one of the leading products in the UK for fighting the oocysts responsible for these diseases. Kilcox Extra also offers a broad spectrum protection against parasites, viruses and bacteria, including E. coli.

Housing livestock in the depths of winter can improve sheep health, but there are health risks of bringing so many animals together in an enclosed environment. Here Virophor 2.8% comes into its own, offering an economical, stabilised iodophor disinfectant for both surface cleaning and foot dip applications.

Which brings us neatly to hoof care, which we will discuss in detail next month, as we show how Kilco science in solution can help you keep your flock free of footrot and other fungal problems that can lead to lameness.

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