Caring for Sheep – Whole-life Sheep Nutritional Support from Kilco

Date: 21/05/18

Caring for Sheep – Whole-life Sheep Nutritional Support from Kilco

Now that the intense work of the lambing season is over, sheep farmers can finally take a break from the round the clock vigilance and all-weather exertion that, for some, began as early as last December. With the flocks in their fields and most lambs safely past those crucial first weeks, shepherds can relax a little. But only a little...

Caring for sheep is a constant process and ensuring correct sheep nutrition from new-born lambs to pregnant ewes takes careful management. Fortunately, Kilco International has a complete range of sheep nutritional supplements to support sheep health and sheep nutrition all year round.

In the early days, Kilco Lamb Boost Liquid is a fast-acting high energy supplement for struggling lambs, which can be carried in your pocket for immediate deployment. Providing essential calories, vitamins and probiotics to promote lamb health, this Kilco product can literally be a lifesaver. Kilco Lamb Boost solution for struggling lambs backs up Kilco Lamb Colostrum, which supports young lambs who are not getting this essential nutrition from their mother.

Once lambs have established themselves, their energy levels become less important and the focus turns to ensuring growing lambs and adult sheep all receive a full range of essential vitamins and minerals. Kilco offer a choice of sheep nutritional drenches, which can be administered directly or added to feed, milk or water. Kilco Covisel includes both cobalt and selenium, as well as vitamins A, D3, E, B1 and B12, and is available either with or without copper. 

As your flock matures, so the cycle begins again, and as the next lambing season approaches, Kilco are there once again to support sheep health at this crucial time. Kilco Ovithrift lamb feed supplement is also available in copper and no copper formulations and contains a wide range of multivitamins and trace elements that are essential for sheep health, especially rams and ewes in the weeks before turnout.

Following turnout, multiple pregnancies are a common occurrence (averaging 1.3 lambs per ewe). Kilco Twin Lamb Extra can provide much needed energy and nutritional support for these ewes during the winter months. The formula includes molasses and propylene glycol carbohydrates for an instant energy boost, along with probiotics, nucleotides, vitamins and essential elements for longer term health and wellbeing. Once again, this product is conveniently packaged for use in the field, with a built in feeding tube for easy administration.

Of course, nutrition is just part of the cycle of sheep health and sheep hygiene, and next month we will look at how their environment can impact their health, and how Kilco International can support you with a range of cutting edge products for disinfection and biosecurity.

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