Caring for Your Cattle

Date: 12/03/18

Caring for Your Cattle

Caring for your cattle is easy with Kilco International. Kilco offer a range of vital products to ensure that your cattle are kept healthy right from the start of their lives, alongside cleaning and disinfectant products to keep your farm clean and compliant. 

For your young calves, Kilco has a calf colostrum which can be used as a complementary feed product to provide the vital nutrients for calves to make it through the first stage of their life on the farm. There’s also Electrosolve, which is designed to replace the water and electrolytes that can be lost in stressed calves. If you’re concerned about the immune systems of your young calves, there’s Rotaboost, a quick animal nutritional supplement solution to give your calves a boost. 

Rearing products, like Colostrum or electrolyte supplements, provide a high-energy element to the calf as required. This can help provide the nutritional support when maternal colostrum is lacking from the calf’s mother. 

For hoof care, there are several products which can be used during foot bathing to assist in livestock hoof protection and promote healing. Farmalin Maintenance is a product that can be used as part of the regular foot bathing programme that you have for your cattle and can assist in the upkeep of your cattle’s hoof care. When lameness is increased or conditions are more challenging Farmalin Intense can be added to the footbath programme.
There are also animal nutritional supplements for cattle, like Covisel, which comes both with and without copper, depending on your livestock’s needs. Our multivitamin drench, Bovigain is useful prior to calving or at finishing to give your cattle a boost.

Ensuring that your cattle are well cared for, no matter their age, is crucial in making sure that your farm thrives, and that vet bills are kept as low as possible. 

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