Cattle Crush Biosecurity Protocol

Date: 09/08/18

Cattle Crush Biosecurity Protocol

Cattle Foot Trimmers naturally travel farm to farm and treat dozens of cows and feet in any one day. The very nature of the job leads to the risk of disease transference particularly of highly contageous diseases like Digital Dermatitis, Cryptosporidium and Coccidiosis.

By having simple Biosecurity protocols in place for both the crush and the equipment as well as for the technician themselves will go a long way to eliminating the risk of transference of disease. We recommend that a daily routine is followed to keep the equipment clean and minimise disease build up then a weekly deep clean is done to thoroughly reduce the disease challenge.


Daily Routine

Foot Crush

After every farm visit the crush needs to be cleaned to stop the transference of muck between farms. The floor and main frame of the crush should be brushed off after the last cow to remove as much muck as possible. It should then be washed off and given an application of Peracetic acid solution.

Hoof Knives/ Equipment

All knives and equipment used to pair the hooves must be disinfected between each hoof and animal. Use a bucket of 1% Peracetic Acid solution to put the equipment in or to dip them in between jobs.


Foot Trimmer

Not all farms have an effective foot dip for visitors to the farm to use so it is prudent to be equipped with your own bucket/foot dip to use when entering and leaving the premises.

Apron/ leggings/ jackets should also be disinfected before and after working on the cows and a good Iodophor disinfectant solution to rinse them off will suffice.


Peracetic Disinfectant

HPPA: 5% Peracetic Acid Disinfectant

  • Broad spectrum disinfectant with rapid kill

  • Easily degraded to harmless by-products

  • Terminal disinfectant for livestock buildings and equipment

  • DEFRA approved for Diseases of Poultry, Swine Vesicular Disease,

    Foot and Mouth and General Orders


Foot Dip/General Disinfecant

Virophor 2.8%

  • DEFRA TB approved stabilised iodophor disinfectant

  • For all surfaces and foot dips


Weekly Routine

Once a week or more regularly if the crush has become very dirty it is recommended that a deep clean is carried out with a good cling foam detergent to remove as much dirt and soiling as possible then disinfect with a quality product that will target specific diseases such as Cryptosporidiosis and Coccidiosis which are very prevalent on dairy farms.

cattle crush

  • Brush off as much loose dirt and organic matter as possible

  • Rinse crush with clean water

  • Apply a high quality foaming detergent

  • Allow to work for 20 – 30 minutes

  • Rinse with clean water

  • Let it dry

  • Disinfect with proven product


Foaming Detergent

Kilco Super Kleen

  • A mildly alkaline high foaming detergent

  • Powerful innovative degreasing solvent for easy removal of

    heavy organic soiling

  • Suitable for use on all surfaces.




  • Clinically proven defence against oocysts responsible for

    Cryptosporidiosis and Coccidiosis

  • Practical easy to apply solution, easy to mix and easy to use

  • Specially formulated, chlorocresol based disinfectant with strong

    microbicidal properties (passed EN1656, EN1657,EN14349)

  • Passed the rigorous testing requirements recommended by the

    German Veterinary Association (DVG) against spore-forming oocysts

  • Can be used in Poultry, Pig, Sheep, Goat & Cattle Housing

  • Eliminates risk of residues (Cyanuric acid free)

  • Contains no chemicals of industry concern (QUAT- free)


For more information about how to implement effective biosecurity contact your local Kilco representative

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