Cleaning & Disinfectant for the Hatching Industry

Date: 11/05/17

Cleaning & Disinfectant for the Hatching Industry

The hygiene of a hatchery is vitally important, as it affects chickens’ health in the earliest part of their lives. Having the right type of cleaning regime and disinfectants in place can make the difference between a healthy chick and one that doesn’t survive.

A Number of Diseases

At this early stage in a chicken’s life the cleanliness and condition of its housing has to be carefully monitored. Every potential infection at this point could be life threatening and if one bird becomes ill it can spread quickly.

A Clean Hatchery

Using disinfectants that have been scientifically formulated will help to produce a sterile environment before hatching commences. You are laying the groundwork to prevent contamination after hatching, achieving microbiological control and avoiding infection of a day-old chick. It is important to use products you can trust, to make sure your hard work pays off.

Regular Hygiene Routines

As well as sterilising the hatchery before use, it is important to put in place a strict and regular biosecurity routine. Kilco supply a complete range of disinfectants to support efficient hygiene management. A dirty hatchery can quickly become colonised by bacteria, multiplying at great speed, potentially contaminating water and drainage systems as well.

Cleanliness of Equipment and Area

It isn’t just the hatchery itself but the equipment used that has to be regularly disinfected to protect your birds. The water treatment systems should be kept scrupulously clean and all surfaces and equipment washed down, rinsed and disinfected. Kilco products and hatchery cleaning programmes help you to do this effectively and with minimum hassle.

At Kilco we understand the importance of hatchery conditions and the myriad challenges faced by the industry on a daily basis. Our range of detergents and disinfectants are DEFRA approved, providing you with the tools to implement a stringent and comprehensive hatchery hygiene programme.

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