Creating the Perfect Environment for Lambing

Date: 01/08/17

Creating the Perfect Environment for Lambing

On sheep farms it is crucial that everything is in its right place and ready to go during lambing season, with the foundations laid for a sterile and safe environment and any products that might assist feeding and emergency situations ready to be used.

At Kilco we have developed products to assist you during lambing season:

Lamb Boost Liquid

When a newborn lamb is displaying a lack of energy it is important to boost those levels immediately. This easy-to-administer product is designed to provide a newborn lamb with all of the essential elements for the best start in life.

Lamb Colostrum

Colostrum complementary feed for lambs. This precise, high-energy formula provides lambs with primary nutritional support where maternal colostrum might be lacking.

Lubricant Gel

This product has been developed to assist for any internal procedures and veterinary practices on the farm. It is suitable for all farm animals, not just lambs.

Twin Lamb Extra

For ewes carrying more than one lamb it is important to boost their feed for the correct levels of nutritional support. During difficult lambing periods and harsh conditions, Twin Lamb Extra has a built-in feeding tube to provide an immediate energy boost and rise in nutritional levels.

Kilco offers a wide range of products designed to help create the perfect lambing environment. It is important to have a sterile environment to welcome lambs into the world during season, but also to have products that support their development in the crucial early stages of their lives. For more information please feel free to contact our customer service team, who will kindly assist with any questions and queries you may have.

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