Download the latest Animal Health Range

Date: 20/11/12

Download the latest Animal Health Range

Introducing the new Animal Health Range from Kilco. Click here to view more details

NEW – Cryptosolve
A high energy paste containing specific antibodies to bovine diseases such as Cryptosporidium, Rotavirus, Coronavirus, E-Coli and Salmonella in a high energy, multivitamin base with added prebiotic.

NEW – Twin Lamb Plus / Lamb Boost
Two new high energy drenches for ewes showing signs of energy depletion and newborn lambs. Contains molasses and carbohydrates for an immediate energy boost along with multivitamins, prebiotic, fructo-olligosaccharides and nucleotides to promote cell growth. Both in easy-dose, convenient packs.

Kilco Ovithrift and Bovigain Multivitamin Drenches
Multivitamin trace element drenches for sheep (with and without copper) and cattle with unique, highly soluble chelated minerals with significant benefits in bioavailability and retention – up to 800% improvements in lambs reaching target weight observed in actual farm trials.

Kilco Lamb and Calf Colostrum
Kilco’s proven powder and liquid colostrums for lambs and calves containing high levels of proteins, immunoglobins, multivitamins, minerals, prebiotics and nucleotides in a low fat, high energy formulation for ease of digestion, optimum bioavailability and ease of mixing. Fully EU compliant and EBL free.

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