Dual Kilco strategy resolves mastitis problem in high yielding herd

Date: 30/05/17

Dual Kilco strategy resolves mastitis problem in high yielding herd

Kilco is helping a Welsh dairy farming partnership to improve profitability with products designed to prevent mastitis.

The Phillips family had been battling persistently high levels of mastitis in their 500-cow Holstein Friesian herd at Trefigin Farm, near Cardigan.

With each case costing at least £300, mastitis was not only impacting on cow productivity but the financial performance of the business too.

The solution was twofold. Kilco Envirex was added to the sawdust bedding in the cubicle sheds lying areas and cow teats were sprayed before and after milking with Kilco Biolac.

Carwyn Phillips, who farms with his parents, Eric and Ceri, says the results were impressive. “From day one we saw the number of cases going down and we now only get the odd case.’’

Cows are milked in a 54-point rotary parlour which was installed this spring. Cow teats are sprayed before and after milking with Kilco Biolac and are also dry-wiped pre-milking.

The cell count reading is now stable at 165,000 cells/ml compared to a the previous average of 225,000.

The annual average yield is 8,000 litres at 4.30% butterfat and 3.35% protein, with 4,200 litres produced from forage. Milk is supplied to Freshways.

High yielders are housed at night throughout the year. At turnout in mid-March, the whole herd grazes by day and comes in at night. After a month, the low yielders are out by day and night but topped up with TMR once a day.

The TMR ration consists of silage, wholecrop, fodder beet, caustic wheat and protein blend.

Envirex was initially added to the sawdust daily but frequency has now been reduced to every three days. “We have a sawdust dispenser and add Envirex to the mix,’’ Carwyn explains.

“It is straightforward to use and does the job. We had previously been scrubbing mats and adding lime but just couldn’t get on top of the mastitis problem. We are delighted that we have finally achieved that.’’

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