Effective Cleanliness for Aquaculture

Date: 16/06/17

Effective Cleanliness for Aquaculture

For aquaculture and the farming of vast quantities of fish you have to consider the cleanliness and overall hygiene in much the same way as you would with any type of farming on land. It is vitally important that you have complete control over the hygiene of the environment the fish are being farmed within, and any equipment used within the fish production and transportation processes.

Aquaculture is currently the fastest growing food sector as the population continues to grow and with it the demand for protein. Fish, molluscs and crustaceans can fulfil this demand but there are always challenges to face. The intensification necessary with fish farming brings a higher risk of disease and the only way to minimise this risk is to have a thorough process of hygiene and cleaning processes in order to help you increase the overall productivity rates.

Our range of heavy-duty detergents are exquisite in the removal of gross soiling on tank and pond surfaces, as well as any equipment used within your venture. Disinfectants have been developed to be ultra safe for the aquaculture environment and we are constantly re-evaluating and tweaking our approach to ensure that food production is not affected as you increase site security.

Kilco understands how vital biosecurity is within aquaculture and we have put together a range of heavy-duty detergents that have been designed to minimise the risks associated with one of the fastest growing food sectors and help you to maximise productivity. Please browse our section on aquaculture for some more information on the products we have available.

Our team is available to offer thorough and insightful advice should require some assistance.

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