Equine Biosecurity

Date: 30/10/17

Equine Biosecurity

The importance of biosecurity is increasingly a more prominent topic in the equine world. With increased awareness around the spread of disease and infection horse owners and commercial operations alike are looking for ways to improve biosecurity around the yard.

Biosecurity refers to the management practices and procedures that can markedly reduce the risk of infectious disease outbreaks. Biosecurity measures are most effective when used as part of a regular cleaning and hygiene routine rather than waiting until a specific disease or infection becomes a concern.

An effective biosecurity programme can minimise the risk of disease entering a yard, limit the spread inside and outside the yard, maintain horse welfare, health and performance, protect public health and protect industry reputation.

Using our example cleaning and disinfection programme you can create a tailored biosecurity plan to deal with particular areas of concern. Some key areas to think about as part of the plan include:

  • Isolation policy for new or visiting horses

  • Vehicle disinfection including wheels/external and internal horse area

  • Stable disinfection between occupants

  • Handling policy for staff dealing with isolated or ill horses

  • Hand wash and foot dip points for yard visitors

  • Separation of equipment between horses

  • Disposal of bedding and other waste material

It is vital that the correct level of cleaning is carried out to ensure any disinfection process can work effectively. Selection of the appropriate product for cleaning will mean organic soiling can be removed. For the cleaning of stables and other buildings we recommend Ecofoam Advanced as a heavy duty degreasing foam cleaner. When tackling vehicle cleaning Kleenfleet will provide good results.

Following the cleaning process a suitable disinfectant can be applied to deal with any bacterial challenge that may be present. The selected disinfectant may vary depending on the circumstances but for general use we suggest a broad spectrum disinfectant such as Virex.

Following the cleaning and disinfection procedure stable hygiene can be managed on an ongoing basis with the addition of a bedding powder such as Envirex.

For more information about how our biosecurity range can help your yard please contact us.

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