How much of your time gets wasted by lameness?

Date: 01/07/16

How much of your time gets wasted by lameness?

Infectious causes of lameness can be costly for dairy farmers and put additional pressure on their time as they try to manage it. That’s why Kilco has developed Farmalin® MAINTENANCE and Farmalin® INTENSE footbath solutions to provide a two pronged programme in the fight against bacteria that causes lameness.

Our studies have shown that most farmers use a formaldehyde based solution in their footbath and the majority add copper sulphate when lameness incidences are higher. Research tells us that formaldehyde is an ineffective disinfectant for short contact foot bathing. Additionally it is highly toxic and is a known carcinogenic. We also know that copper sulphate does not break down well in the environment and even a slight increase in copper levels on the pasture can have harmful effects on the cattle.

The Farmalin® Footbath range has been developed using Kilco’s IONAS™ footbath technology designed to work with the animals normal barrier function. It is effective and consistent at a walkthrough pace even with soiling and is completely safe for the stockman to handle.

Farmalin® MAINTENANCE contains skin and hoof conditioning agents which improve the health of the foot over time. This product should be used regularly to maintain hoof condition within the herd.

The challenge from lameness causing bacteria can increase in all herds when conditions are favourable. When incidences of increased lameness are noted the footbath should be switched to Farmalin® INTENSE which kills the microbes that cause lameness.

By using this two step programme farmers can effectively manage infectious causes of lameness within the herd with minimal risk to staff or the environment.

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