Farming Top Tips

Date: 16/04/18

Farming Top Tips

Farming is a busy, hands-on industry to be in, but we’ve gathered up some of our top farming tips for you to help you optimise your farm. 

Share your workload

It’s so difficult to run a farm entirely by yourself. Investing in some farmhands or even hiring an administrator to keep an eye on the farm’s books will quickly show you how much easier you can make your life. 

Invest in your farm

Technology can seem scary at first, especially with today’s modern farming solutions. However, by investing in the future of your farm and the new technology available, your production will be much faster, and you’ll see the results in your profit in no time. 

Livestock Rearing

Livestock cannot simply be reared from birth to adulthood without any assistance. Like humans, they sometimes need some help in the form of extra Livestock vitamins and supplements to give them the best start in life. When animals are young, they are prone to stress, which means that they can get sick very easily. Kilco offer both Calf and Lamb Colostrum, which can be used as a complementary feed to provide nutritional support and energy that youngstock may not be getting from their mothers. 

Keeping Livestock Healthy

Livestock Health is also a key concern. Kilco can help keeping your livestock healthy with a variety of animal health products, from complementary nutritional supplements, to fly control solutions to foot bathing products to aid with hoof care. Keeping your livestock healthy, keeps your farm profitable and Kilco can help at every stage of the process. 

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