Feeding Time for Calves - How to Secure Youngstock Health

Date: 29/10/17

Feeding Time for Calves - How to Secure Youngstock Health

For beef or dairy farmers, looking after the health of calves is a vital process as part of the overall policy of the farm. Engineering and maintaining high standards of biosecurity is an important aspect, but so too is the ability to feed calves in a way that improves health and wards off illness. This can be achieved utilising high quality products that Kilco can provide you.


This products has been scientifically designed and developed to assist young calves in replacing water and electrolytes. The product contains natural prebiotics, helping to improve natural gut microflora and health. Fluid balance is vital in calves and this product will help your calves absorb electrolytes and energy compounds that they require for development.


This calf nutritional supplement is perfect to aid your feed. It contains a number of much-needed vitamins, prebiotics and chelated trace elements. As the immune system of a young calf develops, a product such as this can do wonders to help.

First Milk Calf Colostrum

As a complementary feed, this high-energy colostrum helps to promote primary nutritional support when the maternal colostrum isn’t working for whatever reason.

For more information about how to secure the health of your youngstock, should you run a dairy or beef farm with a herd of calves, feel free to browse the Kilco website. Here you’ll find a wide range of products, disinfectants, detergents and feeding supplements to help you raise standards, maintain animal health and increase your profits. Our team consistently develop our products and services to help raise our standards, so you can consistently raise yours.


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