From Animal to Atmosphere: Towards Precision Biosecurity and Animal Health

Date: 18/05/18

From Animal to Atmosphere: Towards Precision Biosecurity and Animal Health

Kilco (International) Ltd operate at the forefront of disease prevention and control in the areas of livestock production all over the world, with continual development in the facilities, procedures and networks to further our approach to innovation and knowledge transfer amongst our customer base throughout the Agri-Food Sectors.

Similarly, the dynamics and requirements of the Agri-Food Sectors continue to evolve and change. Increased industry and public awareness in relation to the impact of microbial disease and its control necessitates that “Food Safety” and “Animal Health / Welfare” are no longer viewed as sector specific issues. Indeed, the importance of the Agri-Food Sector, and the services we aim to provide to our customers, form a key component of the UK’s recently published “Industrial Strategy”. The need for further investment in innovation into the science and knowledge underpinning the future of the Agri-food market have been prioritised in the core “Grand Challenges” to industry – from the “Data to early diagnostics and precision medicine” programme to the “Transforming Food Production: from farm to fork” programme.

Whether it is Antimicrobial Resistance, Zoonotic Infection Outbreaks, Adulterated or Spoiled Food Samples, to the Environmental and Human Health Impact of our Industrial Practices, there is an increasing demand for a cross-sectorial and collaborative approach to mitigating potential risks to health and well-being that originate at the interface between humans, animals and our various shared environments.

With increasing targets being placed on the industry to minimise the use of antibiotics, continued emphasis on mastitis and lameness prevention in cattle, and further control in potential environmental challenges associated with raising livestock (particularly pigs & poultry), the potential for highlighting the role of cleaning and disinfection programmes, in addition to nutritional supplementation has never been greater.

However, within the context of this Agri-Biosphere, the scientific basis and rationale relating to the societal challenges and pressures that exist, and the impact these factors have upon influencing the design, selection, and performance of hygiene and infection control programmes (and vice-versa) remains relatively unexplored in comparison to other areas.

As such, we are delighted to announce the launch of our Innovation & Science Strategy:

“From Animal to Atmosphere: Towards Precision Biosecurity and Animal Health”

The over-arching goal of the science, research, and translation into commercial application during the course of this strategic plan will be directed towards “the development of precision-based, innovative and sustainable formulation delivery systems and infection control programmes that will enable the selective, targeted minimisation of identified disease threats in a manner that will not introduce additional negative consequences or unmanageable risks to the Human-Animal-Environment Interface”.

We look forward to continuing to work in conjunction with our customer base, and research partners to identify the priority areas and pressures they face “from Animal to Atmosphere”, and how we can tailor our services and products for precision biosecurity control.


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