Get Set for Lambing Season

Date: 11/02/19

Get Set for Lambing Season

If your lambing season is not already underway, then it won’t be long before it starts. So it makes sense to prepare for every eventuality that could come your way during this incredibly busy time. Now part of the Kersia Group, Kilco is here to support livestock farmers in Britain and the Republic of Ireland every step of the way, from looking after pregnant ewes, through delivery and those vital first few hours, to giving young lambs the very best start in life.

Support during pregnancy

Most ewes will need very little in the way of supplementary nutritional support during their pregnancy, but for some, especially those carrying multiple lambs, a little extra help can go a long way. Twin Lamb Extra contains molasses and propylene glycol carbohydrates to give your ewes an immediate energy boost. The handy formula also contains a probiotic inulin along with nucleotides, vitamins & essentials elements to support ewes, especially those enduring harsh environmental conditions.Twin Lamb Extra comes with a built-in feeding tube, making it a simple solution for you and your team to carry with you for immediate deployment wherever you are.

Vital support on delivery day

When that all-important delivery day rolls around, Kilco are right by your side to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning and disinfecting products to help you maintain the highest levels of biosecurity in your lambing shed and keep disease and infection away from your vulnerable newborn lambs. 

Of course we know that the birth is just the start of the battle for many lambs, and the first 24hours can be crucial to their health and wellbeing.

The perfect start in life

Lambs are not born with any natural immunity, so they must get this from the colostrum they suckle in the first 24 hours. Lambs should receive 50ml of colostrum per kg of bodyweight in the first few hours and 200mg per kg in their first day, but this isn’t always available from the mother. Ewes may not be able to nurse their young for a variety of reasons, ranging from teat problems to infections such as mastitis. Lambs from multiple births, or orphaned lambs, are particularly at risk.
Kilco Lamb Colostrum provides everything a newborn lamb needs in the first few hours, with an easy to mix formula that provides energy, nutrients and probiotics, along with a mild laxative to clear out their digestive tract. 

Out into the fields

As the lambs move out into the fields, they still need careful monitoring and support, especially in cold and wet environments. Lambs can quickly lose energy and start to suffer, so you need to remain vigilant. Kilco Lamb Boost Liquid is a pocket-sized booster for young lambs that will instantly replenish lost energy and restore their health and vitality. It delivers an immediate energy boost on the spot and should be kept with you at all times.

Lambing is an exhausting and demanding time of the year, but at Kilco we work hard to ease your workload and make it simpler to care for your ewes and lambs. Working together, we’ll make sure you get the most from your flock and the best return for all your efforts at the busiest time of your year.

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