Healthy Livestock means Healthy Profits

Date: 28/08/19

Healthy Livestock means Healthy Profits

As farmers, we naturally all want the best possible care for the animals we stock, but we also need to make a living, keeping costs and overheads as low as possible. This can, on the surface, make livestock care products feel like an unnecessary expense, but in fact, the opposite is true. 

Spending money on the latest products from livestock health companies like Kilco, should be seen as an investment rather than a cost. A healthy herd or flock will be much more profitable, in terms of market prices and reduced animal losses, as well as in terms of the time and effort required to raise your animals.

Whole of life support

Kilco is there for your livestock from the moment they are born, from supplying newborn cattle with essential First Milk Calf Colostrum, to helping young lambs through their first few weeks with Lamb Boost Liquid. Without these crucial early life products, farmers would lose significantly more of their stock in the first few weeks, losing all the energy and investment they have put into breeding and the care of pregnant animals.

Kilco continues to be there for your animals as they grow, with a huge range of livestock care products, such as Cyclex, which has been has been clinically proven in the defence against oocysts responsible for coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis, and Kilcox Extra, which can be used to fight Swine Vesicular Disease and a range of poultry diseases.

Advanced biosecurity

In the unfortunate event of a disease outbreak, Kilco livestock care products can limit the spread by helping you to maintain strict biosecurity protocols. For example, our extensive range of DEFRA approved disinfectants and long cling detergents, such as Viroshield, Virex and Virophor 2.8%, can be vital in preventing outbreaks spreading from animal to animal, or shed to shed, containing the outbreak and reducing the impact on both animal health and farm profits.

Expert advice

As one of the UK and Ireland’s leading livestock health companies, Kilco offers much more than just livestock care products. We also offer all our customers expert advice on the best products for their farm and the best ways to use them. Our experienced team can help you create a full biosecurity plan that will protect all your animals, keeping your farm as healthy and profitable as possible. We’ll share best practice from across the industry and help you measure your effectiveness against both the industry standard and the very best in the business.

Your success is our success

At the end of the day, it would simply not be good business for us if our livestock care products were perceived as an expense rather than an investment. Your success is our success, and so we work hard to make sure that our products deliver value for money for our farmers as well as the highest standards of care for their livestock. 

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