How Beef Farmers can Maximise Return from Their Herd

Date: 24/07/17

How Beef Farmers can Maximise Return from Their Herd

The beef industry continues to work under the pressure of extremely tight margins. Putting a plan in place to maximise the return from your herd is a vital component of any beef farm. This includes setting clear and achievable goals concerning the weight and grade of cows. All of this can be achieved through a clear strategy where the wellbeing and health of the cow is looked after with thought and care.


Maximising the return on your herd is all down to timing the sale so that their weight is at the perfect point at the right time. Your priority is to match the correct diet to the right type of cattle, and create a well-worked plan that feeds at the right time.

Welfare Management

An animal under undue stress will not live a happy life and be at its optimum health when you need it to be. There are a few processes you can have in place to ensure your herd are happy, including a fresh, clean water supply, clear feed access, comfortable stocking density, dry beds and quality airflow and ventilation.


Cleaning effectively and monitoring your herd regularly will reduce the risk of injury and illness. Disease can spread fast on a farm so it is important to get ahead of the game. Lameness, pneumonia and viruses can have a severe impact on the health of your herd.

Kilco understands the pressures that beef farmers are under and that’s why we have designed a range of disinfectants and processes to help you maximise the return from your herd. Call us for a consultation with our technical support.

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