Importance of Biosecurity for Pig Production

Date: 18/07/17

Importance of Biosecurity for Pig Production

Biosecurity measures for pig production should be a priority as it protects your investment through adding layers of protection against infectious diseases that could decimate your pig farm. Biosecurity and hygiene are so important to the welfare standards of the animals and there are a few reasons why you have to have a stringent plan in place.

A Clean Water and Feed Supply

In order to keep your pigs healthy it is vital that they have access to a clean water supply and feeding area at all times. Creating clear designated drinking and feeding areas that can be kept separated from the rest of the farm will boost the health of your animals. Feeders can become muddied ad contaminated, leading to malnourishment and potential infection if left unchecked.

Pest Control

Ensure that you have the correct disinfectants and cleaning regime that clears out feeding and sleeping areas on a consistent basis. Having a high standard of pest control helps you to reduce the risk of infection and disease through a foreign body (a pest) being present within the main areas your pigs reside.

Perimeter Buffers

One way to install a strong biosecurity plan in a pig farm is to have perimeter buffer areas. That way any vehicles or pedestrians that are entering the farm will only be permitted into certain outer areas. Those entering the areas where the pigs are will have to go through a thorough cleaning and screening process first.

Kilco works closely with the farming industry, developing an innovative range of products that combine cutting edge scientific technology with the practicality of everyday farming. Our DEFRA approved disinfectants ensure a thorough cleaning programme on a consistent basis. Contact our technical team for more detailed information about how we can help you improve your pig farm biosecurity plans.

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