Importance of Hoof Care in Dairy Production

Date: 15/05/17

Importance of Hoof Care in Dairy Production

If you have a dairy farm you’ll understand completely that looking after your herd’s hoof health is a big responsibility. Poor hoof health not only effects a cow’s comfort, it also reduces their ability to travel to the milking parlour and feeding bunks, resulting in a negative impact on milk production levels and your profits.

As with many aspects of herd health, looking to prevent potential problems with consistently good management will pay off in the long run. The condition of alleyways, good bathing regimes and proper nutrition will all help to improve hoof health. Hoof care through capable washing and trimming also provides a number of benefits. These include a reduction in lameness and toe injuries and lowering the risk of your herd developing diseases such as digital dermatitis (or hairy heel wart).

Early detection and treatment will stop lameness escalating to the point that a cow stops making money and starts costing money. Healthy feet make it easier for cows to stand, walk, eat and drink comfortably, keeping them in good condition and ultimately improving longevity.

Kilco has a range of hoof care products, helping you to maintain a healthy hoof care regime for your herd. These include products for foot bathing and efficiently disinfecting walkways. By combining preventative management with early effective treatment you can keep your herd healthy, your costs low and your production consistently high.

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