Increased Biosecurity Protocol - How We Can Help

Date: 16/02/17

Increased Biosecurity Protocol - How We Can Help

As the current DEFRA restrictions for the Avian Influenze outbreak in the UK are still in place it is a good idea to revisit your biosecurity procedures and ensure you are maintaining a high level of control. At Kilco we immediately implement an increased biosecurity protocol in cases of disease outbreak. Read on to find out about this in more detail.

Kilco operate an enhanced biosecurity protocol in times of a disease outbreak (Notifiable Diseases) – additional/enhanced steps are advised to be carried out in conjunction with standard biosecurity protocols.

Prior to any visits check with each customer if there are any changes to their standard biosecurity protocols and follow advice from DEFRA and veterinary colleagues.

Should a notifiable disease occur in your area Kilco recommend that the following enhanced biosecurity practices are implemented:

• Stop all farm visits unless authorised. Any visitors allowed on site must report to site manager prior to entry of the site and ensure they wear site specific protective clothing and footwear. Disposable protective clothing must be left on site and not removed from the farm. All movements must be recorded in the visitors‘ book.

• Wheel disinfection: Viroshield to be increased to General Orders - 4% (1 to 25). Virex to be used at 1% - 1 to 100 (DoP and General Orders Rate). This should be checked daily to ensure there is sufficient solution available and at the correct dilution rate.

• Ensure ALL vehicles disinfect on entering & exiting the farm. Paying extra attention to wheels, wheel arches, tyres & mud guards.

• Non lidded foot dips to be changed daily.

• Control rooms to be cleaned and disinfected daily.

• Ensure all hand soap and hand sanitiser dispensers are full and used by EVERYONE entering and exiting the site/sheds.

• Ensure Virex is used as an additional disinfection stage alongside your routine terminal disinfectant 2% (1 to 50) at terminal cleaning.

In the incidence of a confirmed case in the UK:

1. Kilco Biosecurity team will be operating a 24 hour on-call service.

2. Short notice orders of hygiene cleaning and disinfecting products can be delivered within 24 - 48 hours if required.

3. We are holding contingency supplies of products in various locations throughout the UK to ensure swift delivery and minimise vehicle movements.

Kilco Contact Details

If you require any specific advice then please contact your Kilco Representative or any other member of the Biosecurity team who will be happy to assist you.

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