Inventing a food safe world

Date: 29/04/19

Inventing a food safe world

Inventing a food safe world

Mankind has been farming for thousands of years, raising crops and rearing animals using time-honoured traditions and well-established working methods. Yet at the same time, the farming industry is constantly changing and evolving, as farmers work to comply with new regulations and face up to 21st century challenges.

At Kilco we know that to help our customers keep pace with these changes, we have to constantly change ourselves, creating new products and refining existing ranges to serve the needs of today’s agriculture and livestock farmers across the UK and around the world. That’s why we set up the Functional Chemical Research Centre (FCRC).

What is the Functional Chemical Research Centre?

Opened in Mallusk in Ireland in 2016, the Functional Chemical Research Centre is a state of the art research and development facility equipped with the latest laboratory technology. Staffed by leading scientists in their fields, the centre works together with universities and other research facilities around the world to develop new solutions to today’s farming problems and to build a better tomorrow for us all.

The centre is led by Dr Martin Garland and focusses on four key areas:

Microbial Control and Disease Prevention
Alternatives to Substances of Concern
Food Safety and Chemical Residue Reduction
Animal Drinking Water Quality and Nutrition
A collaborative approach

The Functional Chemical Research Centre has always worked collaboratively with the best in our industry, and now that Kilco has joined the Kersia Group, that collaboration will be wider than ever. Kersia funds research facilities across the globe, as they work to invent a food safe world, and the FCRC is delighted to be joining this worldwide partnership.

With growing demands on food safety supplies due to population growth, and growing challenges from climate change, this research has never been more important than it is today. Producers are also facing issues with anti-biotic resistance and ever stricter regulations, which mean that many traditional methods of farming are no longer appropriate.

Progress through research

The FCRC is constantly improving the formula, safety and effectiveness of the Kilco range, and this led to a major landmark at the start of 2019. Thanks to the hard work and innovation of the centre’s scientists, Kilco are able to announce that the company have removed Formaldehyde from the Ruminant side of the business and it will be removed completely from poultry at the end of this year.

Formaldehyde is a known category 1B carcinogen and poses an ‘unacceptable risk’ to farm workers with repeated exposure. The FCRC team worked to improve the Kilco alternative, Farmalin, to be a QUAT-free product that was as effective as formalin but far safer for regular users.

From strength to strength

With the support of Kersia’s worldwide research teams, the Kilco Functional Chemical Research Centre is set to go from strength to strength, making our animals and crops healthier and safer and preventing disease, while at the same time working to reduce the levels of chemical intervention in the food supply making food safe. Farming may have been around for millennia, but the science behind it remains as exciting and innovative as ever, and the FCRC is at the cutting edge of development and discovery.

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