Joining the Dots on Livestock Hygiene

Date: 07/01/19

Joining the Dots on Livestock Hygiene

At Kilco, we’ve always taken an active role in the farming industry. Much more than just a product supplier, we work closely with farmers across the UK, Europe and the world, to help them reduce infections and disease and increase yield through smarter working practices.

With increasing legislation, such as chemicals of concern and maximum residue limits, and strict procedures and protocols surrounding outbreaks, it has never been more important to manage farm biosecurity efficiently and effectively. At Kilco, we work in partnership with our farmers to help them remain both compliant and competitive in a challenging market.

Livestock hygiene audits

When you are working so closely with your animals on a daily basis, it can be hard to step back and see the bigger picture. Often this means that the different elements of biosecurity are treated individually, in isolation, which while it may be effective, is not the most efficient approach.
A Kilco biosecurity audit brings a fresh pair of eyes to the project; someone from outside your business who can see things as a whole and identify the gaps and the overlaps. Our experts can help you to see the big picture, showing you how your biosecurity processes interact, where they work well together, where they work against each other and where they are not working at all.

A joined-up solution 

With decades of experience behind them, our expert biosecurity audit teams will help you create a complete and connected solution that joins the dots and allows you to manage biosecurity across your whole farm. Each plan is bespoke and designed to meet the unique demands of your operation, using the very best, tried and tested solutions from around the industry and across the world.
We’ll help you streamline your biosecurity to be simpler and more straightforward, identifying the key control points and recommending the best products at each stage.

State of the art systems 

We understand how busy life can be for farmers and their staff, and so we’ll help you create biosecurity protocols that are easy to apply in day to day operations. What’s more, we’ll give you the techniques and technology to monitor your biosecurity accurately on an ongoing basis, helping you to identify problems sooner so you can tackle them before they become a major issue.

Learn from the best

However high your biosecurity standards, you can always learn more. That’s why your Kilco biosecurity audit not only analyses your farm’s biosecurity on its own, but also compares it to your competitors and industry averages, as well as the very best in the business.
By measuring your success against the best, you can see how effective your own systems are and identify where you need to improve. More importantly, you can see the effects, and the increases in yield, that come from the application of best practice around the world.

Fast and effective

A biosecurity audit may seem like a laborious task that you simply don’t have time for, yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. The audit is a highly streamlined process, designed to gather a huge amount of information in a very short time. Compared to the weeks you could save by not having to deal with infections and disease, a day for your audit is time well spent. What’s more, with new, simpler systems in place, you will keep on saving time day after day, while maintaining the very highest hygiene standards.

Creating a food safe world

Kilco has always been at the forefront of farm biosecurity, helping farmers in the UK and Europe to get the very most from their operations through targeted products and procedures. Now, as part of the global Kersia Group, we can give you access to even more experience and expertise, delivering knowledge and innovation from around the world to help you take your biosecurity to the next level.

Book your biosecurity audit today

If you think your farm would benefit from a Kilco biosecurity audit, then talk to the team today. With one simple visit, we could change the way you handle biosecurity for the better, saving time, decreasing disease and increasing yield year after year.

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