Keeping Chicken Feed Clean

Date: 02/07/18

Keeping Chicken Feed Clean

There is a common expression, ‘chicken feed’, which we use to refer to something of little cost or value. However, if you talk to any poultry farmer, you’ll soon discover that ‘chicken feed’ is anything but low cost. In fact, feed is the major cost in rearing poultry, because birds need more food than any other animal on the farm to support their rapid growth and constant egg laying. 

This means that any contamination in the feed must be avoided at all costs. Contaminated chicken feed can quickly taint the feeding equipment, and ultimately contaminate the birds themselves, leading to significant losses. Diseases in poultry regularly make the headlines, affecting the whole industry, so it is vital that everyone involved, in every step of the feed production, transport and delivery processes, must be vigilant against contamination and infection.

Kilco are right behind the poultry industry, with a comprehensive range of cleaning and disinfection products, backed by innovative training and industry leading audit and hygiene management systems.

Maintaining hygiene in high volume feed processing mills requires efficient, effective solutions that can be deployed easily for reliable results. For routine cleaning and maintenance, Kilco offers a choice of products, including HPPA and Kilco Kleen. HPPA is a broad spectrum disinfectant that rapidly degrades into harmless by-products, while Kilco Kleen offers a foaming detergent that is both rapidly effective and economical to use.

For more intense cleaning, Virex provides a peroxygen based disinfectant for all surfaces and water systems and is DEFRA approved for diseases of poultry. It is non-corrosive, safe to use and biodegradable.

Kilco can also help protect your people too, with anti-bacterial soaps and hand sanitisers, which work both ways: preventing your workforce from becoming contaminated by the chicken feed, while also preventing them from bringing external pathogens into the workplace.

Kilco can even help protect your chicken feed during transport, with Kilco CIP using a combination of potassium hydroxide, silicates and phosphates to clean all elements of the handling system. In addition, Kleenfleet helps to remove traffic film from containers and transport vehicles.

From feed mill to farm, from daily cleaning to long term hygiene strategies, Kilco have led the way in keeping the poultry industry safe. And now we’ve joined forces with Kersia, a global leader in biosecurity and food safety, we’ll be able to offer an even wider range of poultry products and services to protect your flock, your business and your customers.

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