Kersia – The World’s Only Pure Player in Food Safety

Date: 28/11/18

Kersia – The World’s Only Pure Player in Food Safety
Kilco is proud to have become be a part of the global Kersia group, the world’s only pure player in food safety. With a turnover in excess of €200m, Kersia offers end to end solutions across the entire value chain, from food to fork.
It’s been an exciting time for Kersia, with the group doubling in size in the last twelve months through transformative acquisitions such as Kilco. Together we are poised to be the world’s number one food safety company, stepping up to meet the global food safety challenge by inventing a food safe world.

Driving global innovation

Kersia has acquired some of the most innovative and high performing companies in the sector to create a global leader in food safety. The group has 33year’s experience with some of the world’s largest NGOs and the biggest brands, giving us a unique, worldwide perspective. 
We lead the world in our food safety understanding and expertise, and we’re growing that knowledge all the time. We encourage open innovation with all 850 of our employees, with our partners and with our customers, and we collate data and business intelligence from around the globe. What’s more, our CSR includes dedicated social programmes to support all our collaborators in the rapid growth of our company, as we position ourselves to be the number one in our industry.

Committed to our core values

As global market leaders, we know we have to lead by example if we are to drive worldwide innovation in a responsible, ethical and environmentally friendly way. Our CSR has no borders and we are dedicated to having a positive impact wherever we work. Our goal is to improve animal and human welfare and reduce chemical dependence by developing sustainable, eco-friendly products that deliver outstanding results. 20% of our product lines are already green, and that is just the start.
Everything we do is rooted in our four core values, which shape the way we work with our industry, with our customers and with each other:
  1. Transparency – working openly and honestly to create trust
  2. Sharing – working together with customers and colleagues towards common goals
  3. Proficiency – delivering dependable solutions based on unrivalled expertise
  4. Foresight – proactively anticipating the needs of our industry 
Only by staying true to these values, are we able to make a real difference, improving quality and yield, efficiency and performance on farms across the globe.

Your local, global team

Now that Kilco has joined the Kersia family, you have access to world class solutions for every step of your food production processes. Yet you still have the personal touch of your local team, on hand to assist and advise on everything from regular biosecurity protocols to handling a major outbreak of disease. We have a strong UK team and you can talk to them anytime about any issue that concerns you:
  • Ellen Pattison – Scotland, Cumbria and the North East
  • Ionie-Lee Smallwood – M62 Corridor
  • Emily Wynne – South Wales and Midlands 
  • Sophie Evans – East Anglia and London
  • Kelly Howe – South West, South East and Central Southern England
From farm to form, Kersia is dedicated to inventing a food safe world through vision and innovation, experience and understanding. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey as we become the industry’s global leader in food safety.

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