Kilco and Kersia Keeping your Water Clean

Date: 05/12/18

Kilco and Kersia Keeping your Water Clean

In the UK and across Europe, we tend to take clean drinking water for granted. We turn on the tap and fill our glass without a second thought about the quality or safety of what we are about to drink. So surely it follows that if the water from our taps is good enough, and safe enough, for us, then it is safe enough for our animals too. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The further from the mains water source you get, the greater the risk of contamination in pipes, tanks and drinking equipment. With far less flow than your domestic pipes, the water in animal drinking systems can sit for long periods, in warm conditions, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive.

The situation is often made worse by the animals accessing the drinking points. Free range birds or outdoor reared pigs will often bring contaminants, such as dirt and faeces, to the feeders, polluting the line for any animal that follows them and introducing harmful micro-organisms into the system, where they will rapidly breed and spread.

Poor water, poor productivity

Contaminated water not only leads to disease in chickens, pigs and other animals, it can also have a significant effect on productivity. For example, hens without access to clean drinking water will show a marked drop in egg numbers. Cleaning up their water supply will often pay for itself in increased yield from the flock, while also saving you on vet fees and the cost of antibiotic treatments.

It is far more cost effective to treat your water than treat your animals and birds, and this is a much more sensible approach too. Treatment of the cause, rather than the resulting disease, avoids the overuse of antibiotics, and the associated risk of creating new resistant strains of the very organisms we are trying to fight.

Clean water the Kilco way

Kilco, now part of Kersia, have a range of products specifically developed for cost-effective, highly efficient water treatment. Each one has been carefully researched to deliver outstanding results, not just in the lab, but in the real-world environment of the working farm. The Kilco water treatment range includes:

  • Aqua 50 – a highly effective oxidising water treatment based on Hydrogen Peroxide
  • HPPA – a 5% Peracetic Acid disinfectant for water systems and equipment
  • Virochlor 500 – a Chlorine based disinfectant and water sanitiser

Your local Kilco representative will be happy to work with you to decide which treatment is the most suitable for your farm’s biosecurity protocols, your animals and your budget. They can also offer advice on the best testing regime for your water supplies, showing you how to visually analyse samples on a daily or weekly basis, as well as advising you on the best regular lab testing regime based on your set up.

Clean water for everyone

Of course, not everyone in the world is as lucky as us when it comes to clean drinking water. According to, 884million people across the world, roughly one in nine of us, do not have access to clean water close to home. As part of its global drive to invent a foodsafe world, Kersia are proud to produce Aquatabs, the world’s number one water purification tablet. These are being used by NGOs in emergency situations across the globe to literally save lives by providing safe drinking water free of typhoid, cholera, dysentery and other water-borne diseases.

Water is essential for life for both people and animals, and Kilco and Kersia are working hard to deliver clean, safe supplies for them all.

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