Kilco at VIV Europe 2018 – The World Expo from Feed to Food

Date: 25/06/18

Kilco at VIV Europe 2018 – The World Expo from Feed to Food

As one of the world’s most trusted producers of farm support products and solutions, Kilco were proud to take part in one of the world’s leading farming industry exhibitions, VIV Europe 2018. Held every four years, VIV Europe is described as the Olympics of the animal protein sector.

Following the success of our team at VIV Asia last year, which saw 38,000 visitors browsing 875 stands, Kilco was one of 600 companies exhibiting at VIV Europe, with over 25,000 delegates attending.

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the VIV Europe exhibition, and the event formed a central part of the International Week of Smart Food Production. It was a full week of agro-business events promoting smart methods to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability. With the current global population of 7.3bn expected to reach 8.5bn by 2030, and 9.7bn by 2050, and an increasing number of people facing food insecurity and undernourishment, smart, efficient and sustainable farming has never been more important if we are to literally feed the world.

The main theme of the VIV exhibition this year was Sharing Data = Better Poultry: how to achieve a new level of poultry production to be proud of. Here Kilco can make a significant contribution, with a world class range of livestock health and poultry care products covering the whole lifecycle from breeding and hatching to feeding and growing.

VIV Europe featured the latest innovations in milk production, and again, Kilco science in solution was strongly represented, featuring our range livestock health products, including dairy products, ranging from udder and hoof care to plant and tank cleaning.

VIV Europe 2018 took place at Jaarbeurs, just outside Amsterdam, and attracted animal health exhibitors and visitors from around the world. And the event organisers didn’t forget the other global event also taking place in June. To make sure no one missed a match, VIV Europe 2018 screened three live games from the World Cup Finals each day in one of the main exhibition halls.

“There was so much to see and hear, so many people to meet, so many opportunities for networking and business,” says VIV Europe manager Renate Wiendels.


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