Kilco Ends Formaldehyde Production for Hoof Hygiene Applications

Date: 14/11/18

Kilco Ends Formaldehyde Production for Hoof Hygiene Applications
We are proud to announce that Kilco will cease to supply formaldehyde for hoof hygiene applications in the UK from 1st January 2019. 
As part of the Kersia Group, we are dedicated to having a positive impact in everything we do, striving to ensure that our products and services deliver safety and sustainability from Farm to Fork. This not only means the safety the produce that we grow and consume, but  also the safety of the people who dedicate their lives to growing it. 

What’s wrong with formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is classified as a Category 1B carcinogen. During assessment under the Biocidal Products Regulation, it was found to present an unacceptable risk when used for the disinfection of animal feet or when used in a spray format. Although the chemical is safe to use for operators wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), this assessment was based on the low likelihood of such safety measures being adopted in practice by farm workers.

Why are we ceasing supply?

At Kersia, food safety is part of our DNA. As industry leaders in food safety around the globe, we know that we have a responsibility to set the highest standards as we work to invent a food safe world. 
However, despite all our best efforts, we appreciate that we are not in control of the end user, and therefore cannot be sure that products containing formaldehyde are being used correctly. We have therefore decided that the best way to guarantee the safety, welfare and sustainability of our customers in the dairy industry, was to discontinue the sale of formaldehyde solutions for hoof hygiene applications altogether.
Kersia is delighted to be stepping up to the global food safety challenge in this way, and this important decision shows how we apply our core values of transparency, proficiency and foresight in everything we do. 

What are the alternatives?

As part of the Kersia Group, Kilco offers a range of hoof care products that are not only safer to use than formaldehyde, but also more effective in short contact situations. These include:
  • Farmalin Intense – a QUAT-free disinfectant that provides hoof and skin conditioning as well as a topical antibacterial agent that is effective against the main causes of lameness 
  • Farmalin Impact – a ready-to-use topical disinfectant and conditioning spray for targeting individual cows to manage the prevalence and progression of lameness
  • Superhoof Plus – an environmentally friendly antibacterial formula that encourages healthy hoof condition

Constantly improving

Following extensive and ground breaking research and development in conjunction with the Institute of Global Food Security at Queen’s University, Belfast, we proved that these products offer an effective formaldehyde alternative for hoof hygiene applications. Together we have increased the biocide properties and on-farm performance, improved the detergency, and enhanced the skin conditioning properties, to create a fast acting, effective and environmentally friendly solution that delivers a new level of safety for all farm workers.
If you have any concerns about switching from formaldehyde, or any questions about suitable replacement products, please contact your Kilco representative, who will be happy to help you create a safer working environment for all your staff.  

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