Kilco supports hatchery with ‘fortress-like’ approach to hygiene

Date: 05/07/17

Kilco supports hatchery with ‘fortress-like’ approach to hygiene

A fortress-like approach to hygiene is enabling a family-owned hatchery to provide broiler growers with healthy chicks that thrive at each stage of production.


Annyalla Chicks (UK) Ltd, which produces around 1.5 million day-old chicks a week at its site in Wrexham, has adopted Kilco’s structured biosecurity programme, which is proven to minimise contamination by bacteria and pathogens from the moment eggs arrive to when chicks are transported to broiler units three weeks later.


Hatchery manager Michelle Croydon says maintaining excellent hygiene levels throughout this process is an absolute priority because the constant flow of eggs and chicks can, without proper hygiene practices, increase the potential for cross contamination and transfer of bacteria.


“If we have a clean environment we are going to have a good chick that will thrive at our customers’ broiler units,’’ she says.


Annyalla Chicks uses a full range of Kilco products, from Kilco Ecofoam Advanced 2% detergent to Kilco hand soap and sanitiser.


In the hatches, after shell and other debris from the hatching process is removed, Kilco Ecofoam Advanced 2% is jetted onto the surfaces to break down any residues that remains. The product is rinsed away and Kilco Microkill disinfectant applied. Trays are cleaned with Kilco CIP SM.


Kilco wipes are used to clean surfaces. “They are handy because they are disposable which means there is no transfer of bacteria between surfaces,’’ says Mrs Croydon.


Footbaths provide an important barrier between the production and welfare areas; these trays are filled Kilco Virex.


Kilco hand soap and sanitiser positioned in the changing rooms and at the entry and exit points of the production area protect against possible cross contamination from staff and visitors.


Over and above the effectiveness of the Kilco products, Mrs Croydon values the level of service provided by Kilco, from monthly swabbing and hygiene reports through to training.


For audit purposes, Annyalla Chicks undertakes its own swabbing procedures weekly but every month Kilco takes a further 30 swabs for analysing.


“This gives us another level of reassurances because the swabs are taken by a different person and are analysed at a different lab, it backs up our results,’’ says Mrs Croydon.


The results from these swabs are accompanied by a report. “If the person taking the swabs notices any issues, perhaps it might be that someone isn’t doing the cleaning procedures quite as they should, or if the results are below the level we would expect, Kilco will review our cleaning procedures and provide Biosecurity, Cleaning Methodology and Chemical Awareness training,’’ Mrs Croydon explains.


Kilco writes the cleaning procedures for use throughout the hatchery and checks that the chemicals are being used at the correct concentrations.


The company’s link with Kilco is Mark Wright, who previously worked in the food industry. “Mark is very good at drawing up procedures and brings the same level of standards expected in a food factory to a hatchery,’’ says Mrs Croydon.

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