Kilco - the safer solution

Date: 16/08/17

Kilco - the safer solution

Following the recent high profile egg contamination incident, Kilco reassures customers that the chemical Fiprinol is not used in any Kilco products.

There has been significant media coverage recently concerning a contamination problem with eggs from continental Europe, especially The Netherlands, Belgium and the Lower Saxony area of Germany.

This issue concerns the use of a pesticide called Fipronil, traces of which have been found in eggs exported across Europe. Fipronil is a broad-spectrum insecticide used by some farmers to combat fleas, lice, ticks, cockroaches, mites and other insects.

Kilco (International) would like to reassure customers that no Kilco pest control products contain Fipronil, and they can therefore be used safely, as instructed, without the risk of contamination.

Fipronil should never be used near animals in the food production chain, and it is unclear how this contamination has occurred. Nonetheless, all the contaminated stock has had to be recalled and destroyed, and the farms involved closed for decontamination, at significant cost to the farmers.

By choosing Kilco products, which do not contain the chemical in the first place, any cross contamination risk can be completely eliminated.  Kilco recommends Permost CS, a controlled release insecticide, for the control of flying and crawling insects. Permost CS delivers broad spectrum insect control with rapid knock down effect and long-lasting residual control, combined with low mammalian toxicity.  

As one of the leaders in the field of agricultural chemicals, Kilco would be happy to talk to any commercial egg producers concerned about how to control pests without risking the contamination of food products.

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