Kilco Unique approach to Hygiene Monitoring – Preventative Microbial Control

Date: 28/10/15

Kilco Unique approach to Hygiene Monitoring – Preventative Microbial Control

Kilco have developed, and continue to refine, a unique approach to the auditing, review and provision of biosecurity services and products to the poultry industry at a farm level. As a major provider to the poultry industry, auditing over 650 farms per year throughout all regions of the UK and Ireland Kilco have collated a large database of information regarding the visual appearance, construction and equipment, biosecurity processes and practices, and microbiological status of a wide variety of sites. This database has allowed our technical team to develop an in-house quantitative scoring system to assess, and compare, hygiene and overall biosecurity practices.

This systematic breakdown enables, for the first time, a direct correlation to be drawn between hygiene and microbiological status and the often referred to as “inter-related variables”, in particular the effect of construction and equipment type, and adherence to hygiene recommendations. This information in conjunction with our customers is allowing us to find and track the link between biosecurity, farm hygiene and bird performance. Improved bird performance and improved FCR directly increase the profitability and welfare of the broiler.

The use of Kilco hygiene chemicals is supported by a team with a wide range of technical knowledge sourced from the food, agriculture and poultry industries.  We support the on farm hygiene using Process Audits and Finished Standard Audits.

Stage 1- Auditing App

To support this part of our development, we have developed our own hygiene performance monitoring app which the team are utilizing on ipads during their farm visits. Over the next few weeks you will notice a slightly different format of report as the team make the switch from the current report to the new audit format. What this means for our customers is that the information will be ready to send on the day or within a few days following the visit with swabs to follow if required.



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