Meeting the Strict Pest Free Needs of the Horticulture Sector

Date: 08/08/17

Meeting the Strict Pest Free Needs of the Horticulture Sector

Within production facilities that are part of the horticulture sector it is vital that you remain one step ahead from the scourge of pests and disease. One wrong move and you could lose your crop, or even worse, be at fault for the spreading of pests and disease from outside the confines of your production.

In a private garden setting, or indeed a commercial venture, keeping an eye out for the first signs of pests and disease could be the difference between success and failure. Having the right types of chemicals to prepare areas for productions, to wipe down and fully clean surfaces and water systems, and to use in times of emergency where it is a necessity to quickly combat pests and disease to prevent them spreading from the contaminated area.

There are strict codes and guidelines relating to the cleanliness and hygiene within the horticulture industry to ensure that non-native species of plants, as well as pests and disease do not spread throughout the country. On a micro-level within your company and industry, our products provide you with a strong and sterile foundation to build from.

Kilco offers a wide range of products for cleaning and disinfection that is ideal to meet the strict pest free needs of the horticulture industry. In terms of creating a pest and disease free environment to allow production areas that meet that criteria, the Kilco range is second to none, with specialised chemicals that can help you achieve your aims.

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