More Than Just a Drop in the Ocean

Date: 25/02/19

More Than Just a Drop in the Ocean

Aquaculture, commonly known as fish farming, is more than just a drop in the ocean. In fact, it is growing 7% year on year and it is on course to provide more seafood than wild fisheries in the very near future. This is hugely important given the rising world population and the ever-increasing demand for affordable, accessible proteins. Aquaculture can effectively feed the population without putting unrealistic strains on natural fish stocks or marine environments, creating a dependable, sustainable, ecologically friendly food source.

The farming of fish, crustaceans and molluscs is also a crucial industry for creating jobs, with around 85,000 people employed in the aquaculture industry across Europe. In Britain alone, the industry is worth a staggering €750m (£654m) per year. This might make it sound like a large scale, factory farming type of operation, but in reality, most of these enterprises are small businesses, with 90% employing less than ten people.

The way that aquaculture is structured in small businesses means that biosecurity is even more essential. Where a larger business may be able to ride out an outbreak and take a financial loss, smaller businesses can easily go under if they do not keep control of health and hygiene within their tanks and nets. With more than 60% of aquaculture breeding already taking place in China, there are plenty of competitors ready to pounce if your business struggles, taking over your customers and supply chains, and making it even harder to get back on your feet once the disease has passed.

The good news is that Kilco, now part of the worldwide Kersia Group, are on hand to help you as a seafood producer, whatever the size of your operation. We can scale our solutions to suit your business and work directly with your team to produce effective, efficient biosecurity protocols, based on industry leading aquaculture health and hygiene products. Our range of detergents and disinfectants are thoroughly researched to provide maximum efficacy while remaining safe for your fish stocks, your operators and the environment. With detergents like Ecofoam advanced, for cleaning your equipment, to disinfectants such as Virex and Viroshield, Kilco can help you meet the stringent regulations that govern your industry and keep your operation disease free and profitable.

Safe, secure, sustainable food production is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the world in the immediate future, as we strive to find effective ways to feed ourselves without irreparably damaging the environment. Kersia is committed to inventing a food safe world through innovative research to create and improve their growing range of practical products. Kilco are proud to play our part in that global goal with our ongoing support of the aquaculture industry.


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