New Product Launch

Date: 11/04/13

New Product Launch

Dear All,

Kilco (International) Ltd manufacture an extensive range of sophisticated and specialised nutritional and health care products for ruminants, aimed at optimising the health status of these animals at various stages of their life cycle.

Our dedicated team of dairy technical specialist's, and formulation chemists are committed to ensuring that our product range and composition reflect current research - based evidence into the vital role that vitamin and mineral supplementation can play in optimising animal health, productivity and quality.

As such, Kilco (International) Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of our new and improved nutritional paste for early calf management, Rotaboost. This product will now replace our previous offering, Calfsolve.

Rotaboost has been formulated to contain 100% of the recommended daily levels of Vitamin D3 supplementation required for young calves (in accordance with the Roche Guidelines for Optimum Vitamin Nutrition), where Vitamin D3 plays a pivotal role in calcium homeostastis, cell differentiation/proliferation and adaptive immune function (Journal of Dairy Science 92: 5692 - 5696). Furthermore, Rotaboost contains an improved source of the chelated trace minerals copper, manganese and zinc (key components of a wide variety of enzymes and proteins that support metabolism, growth and normal immune function), to optimise their stability and intestinal absorption. Couples with a balanced blend of multivitamins, and prebiotics within a high energy base, this nutritional supplement, administered orally as a 30g dose onto the back of the animal's tongue within 12 hours of birth, is ideally suited to aid in the natural development of the immune system, and give the calf the perfect boost to life.

Rotaboost is now available immediately by contacting the Kilco (International) Ltd office on +44 (0) 1576 205480, by email using, or by contacting your Kilco (International) Ltd Area Manager.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Martin Garland

Technical Director

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