Nutritional supplements for farm animals

Date: 11/03/19

Nutritional supplements for farm animals

Kilco are well known across the farming industry for our world class biosecurity products. Covering the whole lifecycle of cattle and sheep, pigs and poultry, Kilco works tirelessly to keep our farms free of disease with state-of-the-art disinfectants and detergents, foot baths and equipment sterilisers.

But Kilco’s support doesn’t stop there; we can also play a crucial role in ensuring your animals receive the very best nutrition, with a wide range of nutritional solutions from specialist products for those vital few hours after birth, to ongoing support where the natural environment or the food sources supplied do not provide the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy life.

Supporting calving and lambing

In the first few hours after birth it is vital that young animals receive the energy, the vitamins and minerals, and even the microbiome support that they need. This is normally given by the mother, through the first feed colostrum, but this is not always the case. Kilco offers easy to use support for newborn lambs and calves through our nutritional substitutes, such as lamb colostrum and first milk colostrum for calves. Given in the first few hours, these products are essential for survival if the mother is incapacitated or unable to feed her young herself.

Supporting young animals in the field

Once through those nerve-wracking first few hours, Kilco continues to support young animals with a range of convenient boosters that can be carried with the farmer and used in-situ in the field if lambs or calves are struggling. Lamb Boost Liquid and Rotaboost for calves both come in an easy to dispense form, providing instant energy along with a cocktail of essential vitamins and minerals. Kilco also produces Electrosolve, which is specially designed to replace lost electrolytes in young calves suffering from digestive disturbances.

Lifetime nutritional support

Of course, it’s not just young animals that can benefit from our nutritional support; Kilco science in solution can be used to support grown animals too. Environmental variability means that some grazing does not deliver sufficient levels of essential nutrients, and in this case, Kilco Covisel (available with or without copper to match regional variations) can help make up any deficiencies, ensuring good levels of cobalt and selenium, as well as a range of vitamins and minerals. Bovigain Mineral Drench also supports cows in the run up to breeding, while Twin Lamb Extra supports ewes carrying more than one lamb.

Supporting poultry

Kilco’s range of nutritional support for the poultry industry is even wider, with a choice of seven different products to supplement the diet of both layers and broilers. From Extra D3 for rapidly growing birds, to Vitaplus for general health and wellbeing, Kilco is there to help feed your flock at every stage. We can even support birds recovering from parasitic diseases, boosting health with products such as Aminosol.

Whatever animals you are faming, it is good to know that you have decades of dedicated Kilco science behind you. And now that Kilco is part of the world leading Kersia Group, our understanding, our ground-breaking research and our user friendly product range will only get better and better, keeping both your animals, and your balance sheet as healthy as possible.

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