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Pigs are Cleaner than you Think

Date: 28/08/18

Pigs are naturally very clean animals, and with a little help from Kilco, you can make them even cleaner, from farrow to finish. Read More

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The End of an Unusual Summer

Date: 14/08/18

Kilco are here to support Britain’s farmers and food producers to get the most out of their harvests and minimise avoidable waste. From general purpose cleaning and disinfecting products, such as Ecofoam, Virex and Viroshield Read More

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Cattle Crush Biosecurity Protocol

Date: 09/08/18

Find out how cattle foot trimmers can reduce disease spread with our daily and weekly biosecurity routine Read More

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Caring for Sheep – Hoof Care

Date: 09/07/18

In this sheep health care article, we’ll take a look at how Kilco can help keep your flock on its feet, with regular preventative foot bath products, and specialist products to treat outbreaks of hoof diseases. Read More

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Managing Heat Stress in Poultry

Date: 04/07/18

Find out how nutritional supplements can assist you in managing heat stress in poultry. Read More

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