Pigs are Cleaner than you Think

Date: 28/08/18

Pigs are Cleaner than you Think

The humble pig has an undeserved reputation for being a dirty animal. Phrases like ‘happy as a pig in mud’ echo this assumption, and some religions, including Judaism and Islam, actually ban pork consumption, and even contact with the animals, because they are considered unclean.

Yet this image of the ‘unclean pig’ couldn’t be further from the truth. Pigs are naturally very clean animals, and with a little help from Kilco, you can make them even cleaner, from farrow to finish.

Kilco offers a huge range of DEFRA approved products, including detergents and disinfectants, to help you create an active, effective biosecurity plan. We can provide solutions for every stage of the lifecycle, from breeding and weaning, through piglet rearing and growing to transport and finishing. 

As part of your team, we can help with every aspect of biosecurity and hygiene at every level. On the larger scale, we can facilitate fast, effective cleaning and disinfecting of whole sheds. This includes long cling foam detergents such as Ecofoam Advanced for heavily soiled areas, and heavy-duty disinfectants such as Kilcox Extra and Viroshield, which prevent disease entering the farm in the first place, or isolate outbreaks from spreading from shed to shed if it does. 

On the smaller scale, we can provide bedding products for individual animals, such as Envirex, which is not only highly absorbent, but also contains biocidal elements as well as essential oils. We can also help you maintain the highest hygiene standards across the rest of the operation, from water supply treatments such as Aqua 50 and Virochlor 500 chlorine tablets, to specialist products for cleaning transport vehicles, such as Kleenfleet.

Of course, Kilco is about much more than just supplying products. Our expert team works closely with pig farmers to help them create successful biosecurity protocols tailored to their operations. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, and so our team offers on site visits to provide expert advice, product training and professional guidance to help customers create and maintain the highest standards of biosecurity and hygiene.

And it doesn’t stop there; this unrivalled level of support extends beyond simply setting up these systems. Our experts will show staff how to monitor biosecurity, in conjunction with a veterinary health plan, updating and improving the regime to keep protection at the cutting edge, to keep herds as healthy and productive as possible.

Kilco has been at the forefront of farm biosecurity for generations, developing a product range that is respected and relied upon across the industry. And now that we are part of Kersia, a global leader in biosecurity and food safety, we can offer an even wider range of both products and expertise, taking our support to the next level.

Which should leave our farmers as happy as a pig in mud!

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