Shrimp Farming Trials in Guatemala

Date: 28/03/14

Shrimp Farming Trials in Guatemala

Shrimp farming is big business in Central America, particularly in Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador and Mexico. Kilco is working closely with Exbiosa, its distributor in Guatemala and Unipharm, a large pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine supply company. Unipharm plans to distribute the Kilco products into the shrimp sector but is initially carrying out extensive trials in its own company owned shrimp farm in Guatemala.

The site has ponds covering 72 hectares in total (nearly 0.3 square miles) with both extensive and intensive production. Disease control is especially important in the intensively reared shrimps and Kilco products are contributing to a good health status and improved performance. Two complete cycles of production have been completed and the third cycle is drawing to close soon. Overall performance has improved and the deadly White Spot Virus has been controlled to date.

Viroguard (gluaraldegyde / QAC disinfectant ) is used at the pond preparation stage and Virex (peroxygen disinfectant), known as Viroflex Aqua locally, is used at low concentrations in the growing pond water itself. Feedback so far is very positive and Kilco looks forward to developing this exciting new market sector.

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