Spring Cleaning

Date: 15/04/19

Spring Cleaning

Farm Spring Cleaning

With the weather starting to improve from the cold and wet of winter, and with the main lambing and calving season coming to an end, many farmers are turning their thoughts to spring cleaning. Of course, in the farming world, this means much more than a straighten up and a lick of paint here and there like it does at home. Springtime on the farm is an opportunity to do a deep, thorough and hygienic clean of buildings like animal pens and sheds to bring them up to the highest standards of biosecurity.

Why spring clean?

Most farms will have an ongoing, regular cleaning and disinfecting regime in place for their farm spring clean, with daily and weekly routines. These are highly effective at stopping disease from reaching your animals and stopping its spread if you do get a breakout. However, with animals constantly in and out, it is never easy to maintain standards.

With a farm spring clean, you can reach parts of your farm, and achieve levels of hygiene, that are simply not possible during daily winter use. Just like emptying a room to decorate, farm deep cleaning an empty shed is so much simpler and far more effective than surface cleaning around your animals. With a farm deep clean you can reach every nook and cranny of your farm buildings, ensuring that there is simply nowhere for pathogens to hide.

Kilco supports farmers this spring

At Kilco we understand the importance of biosecurity, and we do everything we can to support farmers as we enter this important time of the year. Kilco products cover the whole of your deep spring clean regime, including high performance, long cling detergents, such as Ecofoam Advanced, and a wide range of powerful disinfectants including Kilcox Extra, Virex, Cyclex and Virophor, which are an essential defence against oocysts responsible for coccidiosis and cryptosporidiosis.

With such a comprehensive range of products, all clinically proven and DEFRA approved, it can be hard to know which is right for your farm spring-cleaning plans. But don’t worry, because every product has a detailed information sheet available online as well as a full safety data sheet. What’s more, Kilco experts are always on hand to offer unrivalled advice and experience based on years of working with farms just like yours.

Whether you are looking to complete a general spring clean, or you are taking the opportunity to tackle a specific issue or long-standing infection, our team will help you create the ideal biosecurity plan that is both efficient and effective.

Working together

Kilco has been successfully working together with British and Irish farmers for over sixty years, developing cutting edge products with practical applications. And now we are working together with the global Kersia Group, we can offer even more experience and expertise as we pursue the goal of a food safe world.

So now the warmer weather is here, and the next generation has been seen safely into the world, it’s time to muck in and muck out with a serious farm spring clean backed by the cleaning power of Kilco.

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