Successful Piglet rearing

Date: 30/11/17

Successful Piglet rearing

There are many points to consider when looking to successfully rear pigs. The successful rearing of pigs is based on a consistent cycle of good health, high quality nutrition and the effective management of pig litters. Many people stereotype pigs as dirty animals that live in a smelly place, with good practices throughout, this isn’t the case.

Here at Kilco, we support farms with support and advice, any training and guidance needed on all necessary biosecurity control measures. We offer many water treatments for disinfection on your farm, including tablet form and an oxidising treatment as well as an acid disinfectant. These products are highly effective and act fast against bacteria, meaning the risk of diseases transferring across the farm is limited. The products we offer are DEFRA (department for environment, food and rural affairs) approved.

The first thing to consider when rearing piglets is what they will require. A benefit of piglet rearing is that they don’t take up too much land. A durable pen is ideal building the shelter for the pigs to ensure they are protected from extreme weather conditions and any predators. Plenty of hay at hand, ready to be laid out for their bedding. Kilco offer Envirex, this is a highly absorbent and very hygienic bedding powder. Always ensure you have a water trough and feeder. Once all the equipment is in place, the pigs can be purchased.

When pigs are properly reared and bred, a sow (female pig) can give birth to up to 12 piglets, and they can do this up to 2-3 times times a year.

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